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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company F [7][8]
25th Alabama Regiment
John T. Heflin Highlanders
Randolph County, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Handley, William A.       Captain    Commanding, wounded [15], resigned
Handley, F.M.             Captain    Wounded, slightly [15]; wounded at Franklin, Tennessee
Gasdin, E.P.              1st Lt     Wounded, slightly [13]
Callahan, A.J.            2nd Lt     
Johnston, G.J.            2nd Lt
Mullins, Micajah R.       2nd Lt     [Cindy Hale-Morrow Bray]

Moore, G.F.               1st Sgt    Wounded, slightly [15]
Lovejoy, J.W.             2nd Sgt
Hanson, R.C.              3rd Sgt
Cokes, J.F.               4th Sgt
East, William A.          5th Sgt

Kittley, B.J.             1st Cpl
Salchs James              2nd Cpl
Twilley, J.S.             3rd Cpl    Wounded, slightly [15]
Joiner, D.J.              4th Cpl
Ferrell, F.M.             Fifer 

Amerson, W.J.             Private    Missing [15]
Anderson, S.H.            Private
Bassett, H.R.             Private    Wounded, seriously [13]
Brown, G.S.               Private
Bellah, J.R.              Private    4th Cpl [8]
Burroughs, G.W.           Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Burroughs, J.D.           Private
Burroughs, W.J.           Private
Bonner, J.W.              Private
Bonner, V.T.              Private    2nd Cpl [8]
Brown, G.S.               Private
Brown, L.G.               Private    Captured, Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863 [8]
Burch, Berry              Private    [Kathy Spit] (was listed as Bairch)
Burch, James Ceburn       Private    [Kathy Spit]
Butler, Clark             Private    [Tony O'Morda]
Candry, J.B.              Private
Coker, J.F.               Private    Killed in action [16]
Coker, S.W.               Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Conger, S.H.              Private
Crawley, H.M.             Private    On extra duty as teamster, June 15, 1863 [8]
DeVaughan, J.             Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]
Downing, J.F.             Private
Dewberry, Henry           Private
East, W.H.                Private    Captured, near Tullahoma, July 3, 1863 [8]
Elder, H.E.               Private
Edmandson, T.J.           Private
Featner, N.A.             Private
Featner, G.A.             Private
Featner, Robert           Private
Garett, J.E.              Private
Good, W.G.                Private
Gladney, J.H.             Private
Green, R.                 Private    Killed [15]
Hammonds, M.V.            Private    Joined from desertion, October 21, 1863 [8]
Harris, T.J.              Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]
Harris, A.J.              Private
Hester, P.H.              Private
Hodge, H.P.               Private
Holifield, W.D.           Private
Hollingsworth, W.T.       Private
Hudgins, D.J.             Private    Missing [15]
Ingram, Alfred            Private
Ingram, J.T.              Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Inzer, W.H.               Private
James, William            Private    Wounded, slightly [15]; 3rd Cpl [8]
James, Johnston           Private
James, Jefferson          Private
Joiner, D.G.              Private    1st Sgt [8]
Joiner, Jefferson         Private
Jones, Johnson            Private
Knight, Marion            Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
                                     Extra duty as Company Clerk, December 9, 1863 [8]
Kelly, John               Private
Kidd, Z.N.                Private
Kilgrove, S.W.            Private    Wounded, mortally [13]
Lamberth, W.H.            Private
Letran, R.G.              Private
Littlefield, P.H.         Private    Extra duty as Pioneer Corps, December 31, 1863 [8]
Liverett, Thomas          Private
Lousier, H.J.             Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Lovejoy, J.S.             Private
Lovejoy, W.J.             Private
Lowery, E.A.              Private    Transferred to Company G [8]
Macoy, D.L.               Private
May, A. J.                Private    Captured, Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863 [8]
McCullers, James          Private
McCullers, W.N.           Private
McCullough, J.            Private    Missing [15]
McDavid, J.M.             Private    
McDowell, Daniel          Private
McKinney, W.O.            Private
McMichael, W.             Private
McMullins, W.G.           Private
Mellon, Z.                Private
Moat, Simon               Private
Perry, J.W.               Private
Phillips                  Private    Killed [15]
Price, G.W.               Private
Price, J.W.               Private
Price, J.M.               Private
Price, T.J.               Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]; 5th Sgt [8]
Pursley, H.D.             Private
Roberts, E.J.             Private    Killed [13]
Roberson, W.              Private
Robertson, T.M            Private    Captured (2nd Sgt), Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863 [8]
Salers, James             Private    Extra duty as Company Clerk, December 9, 1863 [8]
Salers, G.W.              Private    Wounded, Chickamauga, September 20, 1863 [8]
Smith, H.A.               Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]
Stidham, H.G.             Private
Stidham, J.M.             Private
Stidham, Martin           Private
Strothers, E.G.           Private
Taylor, G.D.              Private
Taylor, J.G.              Private
Taylor, J.R.              Private    Died from disease, June 27, 1863 [Glenn Milner]
Taylor, L.R.              Private
Thomaston, W.R.           Private
Twilley, J.S.             Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]
Waits, O.K.               Private    Captured, near Shelbyville, June 27, 1863 [8]
Walker, G.W.              Private    Captured, near Tullahoma, June 23, 1863 [8]
Walker, J.T.              Private    Wounded, dangerously [13]
Walker, L.W.H.            Private
Walker, R.                Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Watson, C.E.              Private
Wells, Z.G.               Private
Young, A.A.               Private    4th Sgt [8]