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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company D [4] [5]
25th Alabama Regiment
Ashville Blues
St. Clair County, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Nixon, Allen W.           Captain    Resigned 

Early, Reuben W.          1st Lt
Mangan, Wiley P.          2nd Lt     Promoted to 1st Lt
Banks, Richard E.         3rd Lt
Keen, W.E.G.              3rd Lt
Staton, J.H.              3rd Lt 

Hayden, William A.        1st Sgt
Early, Jas. Edward        2nd Sgt
Green, Robert A.          3rd Sgt    Wounded, seriously [13] [15]
Morris, H.L.              4th Sgt    Commanding (Lt) [13]; Commanding (Captain); Wounded in the leg [15]

Kidd, Ed. M.              1st Cpl    Promoted to 4th Sgt; missing [15]
Jones, George W.          2nd Cpl    Promoted to 1st Sgt and later to Lt; Wounded, slightly [15]
Humphries, Thomas         3rd Cpl
Lawley, Jack              4th Cpl

Melton, M. Quimby         Musician 

Alexander, J.M.           Private
Arnold, John              Private
Arnold, F.M.              Private
Ashton, Jeptha            Private
Baggett, Mack             Private
Banks, Lem J.             Private    Promoted to 2nd Cpl
Banks, J.J.               Private
Birchfield, Jerry         Private    Promoted to 2nd Sgt 
Birchfield, Green         Private
Blackstock, Louis         Private
Bowlin, John              Private
Chapman, Wm. M.           Private
Clarddy, Dr. J.W.         Private
Clark, Fayette            Private
Clayton, John W.          Private
Clayton, James            Private
Clements, Isaac           Private
Clements, John            Private
Clements, James           Private    Wounded, seriously [13]
Cleveland, Mat. V.        Private    Wounded [15]
Cockran, Cal              Private
Collins, Lewis            Private
Craig, Wm. J.             Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Crow, E.L.                Private    Wounded, seriously [13]
Crow, Jeff                Private
Crow, Frank               Private
Crump, S. Jerre           Private    Promoted to 5th Sgt
Davis, G.W.               Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Dulany, Dan               Private
Dunn, R.J.                Private
Early, John W.            Private
Ellis, R.A.               Private    Wounded, seriously [13]
Engle, Marion             Private
Falks, James              Private
Franklin, George W.       Private
Galbreath, Joel M.        Private
Grass, A.J.               Private
Green, G. Pink            Private
Green, J.H.               Private
Harp, John                Private
Hawkins, Hill R.          Private
Hawkins, W.B.             Private
Higginbothan, Thomas      Private    Son of Sam H. Higginbotham [4]
Higginbothan, James       Private    Son of Sam H. Higginbotham [4]
Higginbothan, Joseph      Private    Son of Sam H. Higginbotham [4]
Higginbothan, Frank       Private    Son of Sam H. Higginbotham [4]
Huff, Henry               Private
Huff, John H.             Private
Huff, John                Private
Huff, William             Private
Humphries, Thomas M.      Private    Wounded [15]
Humphries, John           Private
Inglett, A.J.             Private
Ingram, John W.           Private    Wounded [15]
Isaacs, G.W.              Private    Deserted, courtmartialed and shot at Dalton, Georgia [4]
Jenkins, L.N.             Private
Johnson, F.M.             Private
Johnson, John H.          Private
Jones, Joel               Private
Jones, W.L.               Private
Jones, Danly              Private
Jordan, Thomas M.         Private
Keith, Wm. D.             Private
Ketchum, C.C.             Private    Courtmartialed [4]
Kidd, G.M.                Private    Missing [15]
Laton, A.G.               Private
Layton, Wm.               Private
Lawley, Jack              Private
Love, John                Private
Love, A.G.                Private
Lowe, Mat.                Private
Mangham, Thomas J.        Private
Marion, L.T.              Private
Mauldin, J. Haran         Private    Deserted [4]
Mauldin, Joe              Private
McCrory, John W.          Private
Mize, T.J.                Private
Moore, Pleas              Private
Mote, A.J.                Private    Killed in action [16]
Myers, John W.            Private
Nelms, J.C.               Private    Later 3rd Sgt 
Nickels, William          Private
Nix, Lewis                Private    Wounded [15]
O'Neal, John              Private    Wounded, seriously [13]
Pierce, W.J.              Private
Pinson, P.C.              Private    Killed [13]
Prince, W.H.              Private
Ramsey, Rufus             Private
Reese, George             Private
Reynolds, J. Byrd         Private
Rich, John                Private
Rich, James               Private
Riggs, Sian               Private
Rose, Walker              Private    Missing [15]
Sanders, Larry            Private
Sheffield, John W.        Private
Simmons, Wm. T.           Private
Simmons, George           Private
Simmons, M.P.             Private    Promoted to 1st Cpl 
Simmons, Rufus            Private 
Simpson, Thomas           Private
Smith, Ben F.             Private
Smith, John               Private
Smith, Malone             Private
Springfield, H.J.         Private    Ensign, deserted [4]
Steed, Benj. F.           Private
Stevenson, T.J.           Private    Promoted to 4th Cpl; wounded, seriously [13]
Stone, John               Private    promoted to 3rd Cpl; killed [15]
Thomasson, Lee            Private
Tucker, J.A.              Private    Promoted to Cpl; missing [15]
Vann, Richard J.          Private    ? Shiloh [14]
Vann, John William        Private    ? Shiloh [14]
Watson, James Franklin    Private    Surgeon's Assistant, died [05.11.2006]
White, William J.         Private
Williams, A.J.            Private
Wilson, James             Private
Wilson, Wesley            Private
Windsor, J.G.             Private
Wood, William J.          Private
Wright, N. Emmett         Private    Promoted to Cpl; wounded, seriously [13]