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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company C [3]
25th Alabama Regiment
Shelby Confederates
Shelby County, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Pope, Wiley H             Captain    Resigned 

Pledger, Willis M         1st Lt     Commanding [13]
Gardner, William H        2nd Lt
Trice, Henry H            2nd Lt Jr 

Scofield, Henry B         1st Sgt    Shiloh [14]; Commanding (Lt), killed [15]
Hawkins, John T           2nd Sgt    Wounded [15]
Ogley, Clark              3rd Sgt 
Foster, Hugh              4th Sgt
Harris, Griffith D        5th Sgt

Moore, Barnet L           Cpl
Robertson, James M        Cpl
McGibboney, William D     Cpl        Wounded, seriously [15]
West, Hugh R              Cpl

Doyle, John A             Musician 
Reinhardt, Columbus W     Musician   Wounded, slightly [13]

Barrett, Benjamin G       Private
Basley, William D         Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
Crawford, Henry C         Private
Dykes, John E             Private
Ellison, Samuel           Private    Wounded, slightly [15]; [16]
Ellison, John H           Private    Killed [13]
Fountain, William A       Private
Gardner, G M              Private    Wounded [15]
Gardner, Thomas T         Private
Hall, William C           Private
Harless, Henry D T        Private
Horton, William N         Private
Horton, Lewis, M          Private
Ivins, Alexander, C       Private    Wounded, seriously [13]
Ivins, Norphelous         Private
Joiner, John W            Private
Jones, Elbert             Private
Jones, George N           Private
Kent, Gadock T            Private
Marcus, Richard           Private
Mathis, William R         Private
McAdams, Henry C          Private
McLanahan, Joseph L       Private
McLendon, Thomas          Private    Wounded, slightly [13], Wounded (Cpl) [15]
Minor, James J            Private
Minor, Lewis              Private
Moore, Jasper N           Private
Moore, Aaron M            Private
Morgan, William           Private
Nabors, Thomas B          Private
Nelson, John T            Private
Nelson, Allen J           Private
Nivens, John N            Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Pope, William W           Private
Randall, Henry C          Private
Ray, Dallas               Private
Ray, George W             Private
Ray, John W               Private
Reinhardt, M R            Private    [CWSS]
Robertson, Andrew J       Private
Ruttedge, John            Private
Scofield, John M          Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Scofield, William J       Private
Simpson, Jeptha W         Private
Simpson, John E           Private
Simpson, Asa J            Private
Smith, James J            Private
Thomas, L L               Private    Wounded, slightly [13]
Thomas, William N         Private    Wounded, seriously [15]
West, Pleasant H          Private    Wounded [15]
West, Elbert A            Private
West, Charles B           Private    Wounded [15]