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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company B [2]
25th Alabama Regiment
Pike Guards
Pike County, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Curtis, John B.           Captain    [17], Resigned 
Rouse, N.B.               Captain
Granter, W.A.             2nd Lt 
McConnoghy, D.            2nd Lt

Jackson, Warren A.        1st Sgt    [16]
Corvant, Asbery J.        2nd Sgt
Moore, Joseph B.          3rd Sgt    Commanding (Lt) [15], Wounded in leg [17]
Stringer, James M.        4th Sgt

Wise, George E.           1st Cpl    Killed [17]
Benboro, Jefferson, V.    2nd Cpl
Stinson, Wilson B.        3rd Cpl
Hall, George W.           4th Cpl    Wounded in bowels, since dead [17]
Carmichael, Abram         Musician 
Thomas, James H.          Musician 

Atkinson, Howel Y.        Private    Wounded [15]
Allbritton, McAllen       Private
Andrews, Joshua           Private    Killed [17]
Bagents, T.               Private    Wounded [15]
Beck, Allen D.            Private
Brunson, Francis M.       Private    Wounded, thigh broke [17]
Brunson, Christopher C.   Private
Baygence, Joshua H.       Private
Brunson, Benjamin R.      Private    Wounded in hip leg and arm [17]
Brunson, William J.       Private    Killed [17]
Copps, James M.           Private
Compton, John S.          Private    Wounded [15]
Compton, F.               Private
Compton, George W.        Private
Compton, James McCain     Private    [Sheri Stoyanoff]
Compton, Jesse            Private
Cubstid, John             Private    Wounded in arm slight [17]
Dampier, William C.       Private
Franklin, Joseph J.       Private
Franklin, Benjamin        Private
Gadroin, William F.       Private
Gainey, R.E.              Private
Gotthiemer, Philip        Private
Gibson, Charles S.        Private
Grant, Nathaniel B.       Private    Wounded [15]
Holmes, J.E.              Private    Wounded in thigh [17]
Johnson, William S.       Private    Wounded [15]
Johnson, L.B.             Private    Wounded in breast slight [17]
Long, William             Private
Martin, Nathaniel         Private
Michael, James M.         Private    Wounded [15]
Minchew, Joseph J.        Private    Wounded (Corporal) [15]
Moore, J.W.               Private    Wounded in arm [17]
Nelson, Elisha            Private    Wounded in thigh [17], [Charles Uren]
Ray, J.W.                 Private    Wounded in chin severely [17]
Reeves, R.W.              Private    Wounded in head slight [17]
Richburg, John M.         Private
Richburg, Francis J.M.    Private
Rouse, Wesley D.          Private
Smith, John               Private
Stephenson, James         Private
Swanner, Joshua           Private
Swanner, Daniel           Private
Stinson, M.J.             Private
Simpler, S.               Private
Thomas, John              Private    Missing [15]
Tisdale, Rufus M.         Private
Underwood, F.G.           Private    Wounded in head [17]
Ward, Thomas J.           Private
Wise, Collier             Private    [CWSS]