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The following list includes names originating from company rosters, letters and various newspaper reports.
There was no date on most of the rosters, however I believe these to be from the first year of the war.
Additional information or corrections welcome.

Company A [1]
25th Alabama Regiment
Covington County, Alabama

Name                      Rank       Remark

Bell, Bushrod W.          Captain    Former 2nd Lt 
Corege, Charles           Captain    Resigned 
Harper, M.                Captain    Killed, Battle of Shiloh 
Griffen, Bennett S.       1st Lt
Butler, Loyed             2nd Lt     Commanding [15]

Beck, Jesse B.            1st Sgt
Rhodes, J.M.              2nd Sgt    ? [16]
Beck, Wilson              3rd Sgt
Stephens                  4th Sgt
Hicks, J.E.               5th Sgt
Wainwright, George        1st Cpl
Young, J.H.               2nd Cpl    Missing [15]
Brown, A.P.               3rd Cpl
Hart, A.T.                4th Cpl    Wounded, slightly [15]
Adam, W.H.                Private
Bailey, A.J.              Private
Beck, Wesley Anderson     Private    Wounded [15]; Sgt [03.15.2007]
Burloson, H.K.            Private
Butler, Stewart           Private
Butler, Wright            Private
Carter                    Private
Carter, Moses             Private
Cumbie, M.C.              Private
Davis, J.W.               Private
Flowers, W.C.             Private
Grimes, W.W.              Private
Grimesly, J.J.            Private
Halloway, A.J.            Private
Harralson, J.             Private
Hathcook, T.              Private
Helton, J.H.              Private
Hemphill, W.H.            Private
Jackson, W.M.             Private    Missing [15]
Jeffers, William          Private
Jeffers, James            Private
Johnson, W.S.             Private
Jones, W.W.               Private
Manning, G.W.             Private
May, K.                   Private    Wounded, slightly [15]
May, J.W.                 Private
Mittchel, John            Private
Norton, Richard           Private
Parker, J.J.              Private    Wounded [15]
Polatta, J.M.             Private
Rhodes, J.N.              Private    ? [16]
Rodgers, J.W.             Private
Smith, Moses              Private
Smith, J.L.               Private
Smith, Benjamin           Private
Sorrell, David            Private
Speirs, D.J.              Private
Terry, Thadeus            Private
Thomasson, T.R.           Private
Thompson, Robert          Private
Ward, J.E.                Private
Ward, Simeon              Private