Letters received in 2011
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Josiah Wise
WED 2011-04-13 15:58

I ran across your website on the 25th Alabama regiment and had a question. I am doing research on my ancestors, trying to find which ones served in the Civil War. So far I have found quite a few but there is one I ran across that I can't seem to find a definitive answer. His name is Josiah Wise, he had brothers that served in the 53rd Alabama Partisan Rangers. I did run across a pension document saying he served in the 25th Alabama as a private but I couldn't find him on your website and others. I wanted to see if you had any ideas. He was from Elba, Alabama. I attached the pension document that I found to this email. Thanks for the info!

Rick Fox

I could not find Josiah Wise in the NPS Soldiers Database. However, Josiah Wise is listed in the Alabama Archives. Authority: Personal Statement, Census Tax Collector, Coffee County, Alabama 1907-08. No Company listed, but I would bet Company B, since George and Collier Wise served in that Company. I find brothers serving in the same company frequently.

Steven Driskell
July 30, 2011

Silverdale Confederate Cemetery
TUE 2011-04-05 09:10

Greetings. My name is William Gore. I'm currently helping a group out trying to ID some unkown Confederate soldiers buried at the Silverdale Confederate Cemetery in Chattanooga, TN. The 7 soldiers that have already been ID all belonged to Dea's Brigade which the 25th belonged to. Do you know if you have any records of any soldiers in the 25th dieing in a hospital in Chattanooga TN in 1862? If you do could you please send me the names? Thank you very much for your help, and your website is full of great information.

William Gore

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