Letters received in 2009
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Berry H. Daffron
Company H, 25th Alabama
SUN 2009-01-04 09:22
I saw your very good addition to the Web just today.  I would like to add the man described below.  I found the information on Ancestry.com.  He was apparently in Company H originally and then put into Company D when the 25th was included in McClellan's Battalion.  I have not had a chance to view Film Number: M374 roll 11, but hope to soon.  We have a good genealogy library here in Houston.
Ola Humphries,
Houston, TX
Berry H. Daffron 
Side: Confederate  
Regiment State/Origin: Alabama  
Regiment Name: 6 (McClellan's) Battalion, Alabama Infantry.  
Regiment Name Expanded: 6th Battalion, Alabama Infantry (McClellan's)  
Rank In: Private  
Rank In Expanded: Private  
Rank Out: Private  
Rank Out Expanded: Private  
Film Number: M374 roll 11 

Name: B. H. Daffron 
Unit: 25 Alabama Infantry.  
Rank - Induction: Private  
Rank - Discharge: Private  
Allegiance: Confederate  
Notes: 6 (McClellan's) Battn. Ala. Inf.