Letters received in 2008
Thanks to everyone for the comments and information!

William T. McAllister
Wed, January 2, 2008 4:51:35 PM

What an excellent resource!  This is the best unit history I have ever read, easy to follow and understand.  My G. Grandfather Dr. William T. McAllister was with the 25th as a surgeon.  He is never listed on the published rosters, perhaps because he was not attached to any specific Co.  His records show him present with the 25th Mar 24 1862 and on duty at Baptist Church Hospital in Corinth in April 62.  After April he is listed as Surgeon in Charge or Ass't. Surgeon of the following hospitals:

Buckner, Auburn Al.
Buckner, Macon Miss.
Buckner, Ft Valley GA.
Buckner, Newnan GA

Interesting all the Hospitals are named Buckner.  Was this an Army of Tenn. practice?

Patricia Healy