Letters received in 2005
Thanks to everyone for the comments and information!

25th Alabama, Company D
Mon, 5 Dec 2005 3:36:12 PM EST

Mr. Driskell,

Thanks for your efforts to share information on the CSA 25th Alabama Infantry.  More and more information about our ancestors is becoming readily available, and I am very grateful for your resource. 

Reportedly, two of my G-G-G uncles served with 25th AL, Co D.  However, Thomas Cotton Bowlin, Jr, and William L. Bowlin are not listed within your online information.  Other online resources say Thomas died March 31st, 1862 in Corinth.  Based on available media, I surmise he died of some illness like measles, pneumonia, influenza, etc.

One of their brothers, James K. Polk Bowlin, also served but there's been no ready information on his service, and he's said to have died in Fayetteville, TN in 1863 (aged 18 or 19). 


Thanks again for your great website. I look forward to reading more of Howell's letters.

David Walker
Ardmore, AL

William P. Howell History on the Web
Sat, 5 Nov 2005 11:47:15 AM EST


I've browsed the Howell history that you edited for the web several times--and find it rich in historical interest but also very well presented on the web (http://home.earthlink.net/sdriskell/25th/25th.htm).

I have a colleague who has in his personal (and family) possession an unpublished diary and several letters of a member of an Illinois regiment, and I'm trying to find a mechanism for him to make it available to the public.  I'm wondering if you are not only the editor of the history but also the webmaster of the site, and if this is a fairly do-able (and maintainable) thing.  I suppose he should look for a web developer in the area where he lives.

Interestingly, the Illinois regiment was at Farmington and Corinth in April/May 1862 just as the 25th Alabama was.

Perry Allen
25th Alabama Regiment, Company K
Fri, 25 Mar 2005 3:55:22 AM EST

Just saw your site on the 25th.  This is a wonderful site.  I have been putting together "stories" of the Mack family based on their activities and where they were at specific times.  Ezra R. Mack (2nd son of John Christopher Mack) in Co. K died at Murfreesboro Jan. 28, 1862 from wounds received during that battle.  What I thought would be more interesting to you is that Ezra was married to Charlotte Driskell.  Ezra's older brother (John Bishop Mack) was married to her sister Sara Driskell.  Their father was Allen Driskell and mother was Ferreby "Francis" Wren.

Ezra's wife Charlotte and children continued to live in the Mobile, AL area near her parents.  John Christopher Mack had moved the rest of his family to LA in 1849 including John Bishop Mack and his new bride Sara Driskell.  We are descended from John Bishop Mack who served in 9th LA Batt. Co. B.  Other brothers George C. Mack also served as did William Mack. William died at Vicksburg.

We had two other relatives wounded at Murfreesboro, one Confederate and one Union.  Never thought I would learn so much about such a little known battle of the Civil War.  Again, thanks for the work you put into this site.

Susan D. Mack,
Denham Springs, LA

James Floyd
Company K, 25th Alabama
Sat, Feb 5, 2005 at 12:51 PM

I recently visited your website on the 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment and Company K.  I noticed the name James Floyd missing.  He was my great great uncle and son of Hettie Floyd.  Ala Archive Records at Montgomery, Ala., reflect Hettie file a claim on James on 3/11/1863 through Attorney B. W. Starke, Elba, Ala seeking compensation.  These records indicated James Floyd was a member of the 25th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Company K.  Hettie lost two other sons, Reuben Floyd, 53rd Ala. Partisan Rangers and William Floyd 1st Ala. Infantry Regiment and also filed claims on these two sons.

Prior to visiting your website I visited one hosted by James Taylor at www.datasync.com/~jtaylor/25alik.htm and Taylor had additional information regarding Co. K and James Floyd and other members of this Company.  Taylor listed James Floyd as dying in Camp Corinth, MS, on 3/3/6/1863 and being survived by Hetty Floyd.  I've asked Taylor to advise me of his source of information regarding James Floyd.

Hopefully this will help us all.
Cliff Chatham