Cat Pumps India

cat pumps india
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Today, Cynthia Lopez of Mexico City asks the scientists. Cynthia Lopez: As public water supplies become more scarce, what is the newest science for making saltwater more available? EarthSky spoke to Tom Pankratz, independent consultant and a director of the International Desalination Association. Desalination is the process that makes saltwater fit to drink. Tom Pankratz: As our traditional sources of water become less available, it’s necessary to turn to an alternative supply. And the only drought-proof supply, or the unlimited supply, is the sea . The problem is that removing the salt is a very expensive process. In the past, desalination relied on boiling the water. But today’s newer techniques use a semi-permeable membrane. Tom Pankratz: It’s a very thin plastic that allows only water molecules to pass through when it’s pumped to sufficient pressures. As the water passes through the membrane, the salt particles are left behind and then returned to the sea. The membrane is already effective, but the task now is to have the entire system operate at lower pressures and lower energy costs. Pankratz said this technique is being used now mostly in the Middle East and Caribbean, as well as in the U.S. But Cynthia – in your hometown of Mexico City – this same technology could also be used to remove pollutants from city water supplies.
Its been ages since my last upload on Flickr. Was busy with lot of things associated with photography and my academics, so couldn't find time to upload photos on flickr.. Was doing it regularly on FB though.. Just wondering how am I gonna catch up with everybody's beautiful photostreams :D Seems almost impossible, but i'll try my best.. Ok going back to panvel shootout series.. Got my adrenaline pumping seeing this beautiful little waterfall at a place near panvel named madap.. This is a tile photograph (panorama +vertorama - stitched 6 pictures together - 3 above & 3 below - in portrait format). We were pretty lucky while shooting this cos just after we completed shooting this, it started raining cats & dogs & the beautiful milky white water turned into a muddy one.. Had a gr8 time shooting it !! hope u enjoy the gushing water ;) Have a lovely day ahead !

cat pumps india