Text to Analyze
24 October 2011
In a moment of insanity, Oscar grabbed the large pile of bills in front of him in his teller's cage.  He looked at his boss's back across the room and at his fellow tellers who were serving customers.  No one was paying him any attention.  He gazed at the money in his hands and shoved it into the bag that contained his utterly boring lunch.  Liverwurst with mayo on white bread was pushed aside for thousands of dollars.  He thought about his actions, but discovered he did not feel guilty.  Instead he felt smug and superior to the person he had been seconds ago. Carrot sticks were for chumps.  He wasn't a chump now.  If he could escape the dangers of  his inexplicable act of larceny, he would never be a chump again. Honesty hadn't brought him anything up to this point in his life.  Perhaps he could be a successful criminal.