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discount bike saddles
    bike saddles
  • (Bike saddle) A bicycle saddle, often called a seat, is one of three contact points on an upright bicycle, the others being the pedals and the handlebars. The bicycle saddle has been known as such since the bicycle evolved from the draisine, a forerunner of the bicycle.
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discount bike saddles - Schwinn Typhoon
Schwinn Typhoon Women's Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)
Schwinn Typhoon Women's Cruiser Bike (26-Inch Wheels)
Riding the Schwinn Typhoon women's cruiser bike is a breeze thanks to a stylish blue steel frame with a chain cover that protects your leg and clothing from grease. The classic white-wall tires roll smoothly over easy terrain, and it's designed with a simple coaster brake. This blue-and-white bicycle features a cruiser-style frame and handlebars as well as easy-rolling cruiser tires to ensure comfort and control. Easy-to-use coaster brakes provide dependable stopping power and the comfortable cruiser saddle features springs for shock absorption.
Schwinn cruiser frame
Schwinn spring cruiser saddle
Easy rolling cruiser tires, coaster brakes
Steel 1-piece crank
Rustproof 36-hole alloy rims
Bike Gender: Women's
Bike Wheel Size: 26 inches
Number of Gear Speeds: 1 Speed
Coaster Brake: Coaster Brake
Seat Post: Adjustable

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Esper cycles 001
Esper cycles 001
A rare example of bike made by a large manufacturer, of whom very little is known. Although a mass-produced bike the frame has the elegance and balance of one hand-built by a constructeur.It really looks like it would be both good to ride and handle. The bike is a mid-range light touring/sports/club model, made in ST Etienne in or around 1950/51. It is 100% original except for the tyres..and it has lost its dynamo..a Cibie. Apart from the lighting and the Simplex drive train everything else is made by EMF - the builder of the frame...saddle, brakes. mudguards. stem, pedals..all EMF I bought this in summer 2009 at a charity sales room at Nevers, about 170kms south of Paris. The matching lady's bike, in even better condition than this one, was also for sale..the asking price being 10 euros each - about ?8. Unfortunately I had very little money with me, just my credit cards, but the charity only accepted cash or cheque...very typical of France. So I emptied my pockets in front of the sales-person and coppered up just 5 euros...all that I had..and asked for a 50% discount....He must have thought that the bike was destined to go to a good and caring new owner...and accepted my offer. It was a great pity that I could not take the lady's bike as was so elegant. Who knows? Perhaps the bike will still be there when I next return.
I've ordered the yellow one. :D ============================================================= nee "What colour saddle should I get?" Artist's (snigger) impression of my bike with a red and a yellow saddle. It's time to upgrade my saddle to one that's actually comfortable. I rode 90km on Sunday and, well it wasn't my legs that hurt the most. Created with the GIMP ( P.S. I'm awesome with the paint brush tool... ;)

discount bike saddles
discount bike saddles
Reda Portable Motorcycle Gas Can - 1 Gallon
Ever have that sick feeling of running out of gas at 1 am in the morning and don't know where the next gas station is? FINALLY there is some really cheap insurance to this dilemma. The "REDA Motorcycle Gas Can" is designed for Harley Davidson saddlebags, but also fits in Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Victory & Spyder bags & trunks. It fits in the left and right side of hard bags and leather bags. Your riding pleasure and confidence goes way up knowing you have an extra gallon of gas sitting in your bags in case of that possibility of running out. The number one worry of most riders is how much gas do I have and where is the next gas station ? Those days are OVER ! ! ! The Patented REDA Gas Can holds approximately one gallon of gas and thereby extending your ride up to 25-30 miles. Put one in each saddlebag and you can go an amazing 50-60 miles down the road ! Custom made to fit in that back "hard to reach" corner of a saddlebag, it takes up hardly any space at all. The self venting spout with automatic shutoff feature stores inside the can. The REDA Gas Can is EPA and CARB certified in all states. Meeting these standards makes this gas can 100 % VAPOR PROOF AND 100% SPILL PROOF ! No need to worry about fumes or gas in your bags. Built to last a lifetime and made of the highest quality materials, the REDA Gas Can will give you the confidence and piece of mind to REALLY enjoy the ride and not worry about where the next gas station is.