Article XIV, Section 4

This is the Section in the California Constitution addressing workers' compensation. 

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SEC. 4.  
	The Legislature is hereby expressly vested with plenary
power, unlimited by any provision of this Constitution, to create,
and enforce a complete system of workers' compensation, by
appropriate legislation, and in that behalf to create and enforce a
liability on the part of any or all persons to compensate any or all
of their workers for injury or disability, and their dependents for
death incurred or sustained by the said workers in the course of
their employment, irrespective of the fault of any party.  A complete
system of workers' compensation includes adequate provisions for the
comfort, health and safety and general welfare of any and all
workers and those dependent upon them for support to the extent of
relieving from the consequences of any injury or death incurred or
sustained by workers in the course of their employment, irrespective
of the fault of any party; also full provision for securing safety in
places of employment; full provision for such medical, surgical,
hospital and other remedial treatment as is requisite to cure and
relieve from the effects of such injury; full provision for adequate
insurance coverage against liability to pay or furnish compensation;
full provision for regulating such insurance coverage in all its
aspects, including the establishment and management of a state
compensation insurance fund; full provision for otherwise securing
the payment of compensation; and full provision for vesting power,
authority and jurisdiction in an administrative body with all the
requisite governmental functions to determine any dispute or matter
arising under such legislation, to the end that the administration of
such legislation shall accomplish substantial justice in all cases
expeditiously, inexpensively, and without incumbrance of any
character; all of which matters are expressly declared to be the
social public policy of this State, binding upon all departments of
the state government.
	The Legislature is vested with plenary powers, to provide for the
settlement of any disputes arising under such legislation by
arbitration, or by an industrial accident commission, by the courts,
or by either, any, or all of these agencies, either separately or in
combination, and may fix and control the method and manner of trial
of any such dispute, the rules of evidence and the manner of review
of decisions rendered by the tribunal or tribunals designated by it;
provided, that all decisions of any such tribunal shall be subject to
review by the appellate courts of this State.  The Legislature may
combine in one statute all the provisions for a complete system of
workers' compensation, as herein defined.
	The Legislature shall have power to provide for the payment of an
award to the State in the case of the death, arising out of and in
the course of the employment, of an employee without dependents, and
such awards may be used for the payment of extra compensation for
subsequent injuries beyond the liability of a single employer for
awards to employees of the employer.
	Nothing contained herein shall be taken or construed to impair or
render ineffectual in any measure the creation and existence of the
industrial accident commission of this State or the state
compensation insurance fund, the creation and existence of which,
with all the functions vested in them, are hereby ratified and
(bold emphasis added)