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Used Tire Tubes

used tire tubes
    tire tubes
  • (Tire tube) An inflatable rubber device mounted inside some tires to contain air at sufficient pressure to inflate the casing and support the vehicle weight.

Inner tube repair
Inner tube repair
I had one day in particular where I had about 5-6 flat tyres, mainly patches coming off the same place on an inner tube - something compounded by the narrow tyres I was using. Anyway, got to the stage where I was getting them fixed at the Hondas (motorcycle repair stores) dotted along the road given that they did a better job and you paid them the equivalent of pence rather than pounds. Anyway, the problem was permanently fixed by the aboe gentleman who stuck a piece of rubber to my inner tube then melted it over the inner tube with a fire he placed over the top of it. Fascinating to watch and meant that I didn't have any more flat tyres during my time in Vietnam
How To Save $$$$
How To Save $$$$
Today I went to Quality Used Tires to have an inner tube installed in the riding mower's rear wheel. It was cheaper than buying a new, tubeless tire. Tube-$23.33 + installation-$5.00 TOTAL=$28.33 -VERSUS- New Tire-$64.95+ installation-$12.95=$77.90 + 8.5% tax = $84.52 SAVINGS=$56.19 Quality Used Tires 2300 Washington Street Huntsville, AL 35811 (256) 489-2301

used tire tubes
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