Vista Sidebar Gadget (also known as Windows Desktop Gadget)

The 24 Seven FM Vista Sidebar Gadget shows the track information just like the other gadgets and widgets, but is also a mini radio player.
It uses the Windows Media player to play the streams.

The basic stream is the 128 kbps Windows Media audio stream.
You can also choose for the 32 kbps aacPlus audio stream. (This requires the installation of the Orban aacPlus plugin)

Windows Live Gallery:
This gadget is also available in the Windows Live Gallery. There you can rate this gadget and give feedback.

Here you can see some screenshots of the gadget.

Gadget configuration:

Small view (docked):

Large view (undocked):

Changelog: (Click on the linked version number to download that version)
1.60 (August 27th 2011)
Streams which are no longer available have been disabled.
Added panel to view the last 3/next 3 tracks.
Re-added the aacPlus stream (32 kbps) with an alternative download location for the Orban plugin.

1.530 (November 3rd 2010)
Update: Developer API doesn't deliver cover URL anymore.
The script was expecting this and gave an error.
Removed the aacPlus audio streams because the Orban plugin is no longer available.
Added the 128 kbps Windows Media Audio stream.

1.520 (December 24th 2008)
Minor update. Cover url changed on the site.
Added 64 kbps Windows Media Audio stream. (October 10th 2008)
Minor fix. Users who use windows Vista in a language other than English or Dutch can now also enjoy the Gadget.
Updated the User Interface of the gadget and changed the internals.
Initial release of the Vista Sidebar Gadget.

Send feedback to the following email address:
stefan.grootscholten+vistasidebargadget [at] gmail [dot] com

Currently this gadget is available in Dutch and English.
If you would like to help translate this gadget in a different language please contact me at:
stefan.grootscholten+vistasidebartranslation [at] gmail [dot] com