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Welcome to 24reasons' sample of a FREE GOOGLE SITE 

You could also consider this a wiki site because it allows for collaborative development and editing.

Right now anyone on the web can view this site, but if you were assigned collaborator rights you could also make changes, add pages. All you need is a free gmail account to be able to accept collaborator rights.

You are able to build just about anything here.

Use the navigation on the left to poke around to see more examples. This site took us less than an hour to build, fyi!

If your organization is wondering how to handle the growing costs of software and the costs of your website, extranet, and looking for ways for your staff and board to collaborate online or to have a place to go for board minutes, strategy plans, etc, Google Sites are one answer - and it is an attractive answer because it is FREE and easy to use, once you have some basic training.
For more info, call Mark at 24reasons - 813-326-7511
or email him at markholmgren@24reasons.com