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Pine Changing Tables

pine changing tables
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pine changing tables - Badger Basket
Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table, Natural
Badger Basket Diaper Corner Changing Table, Natural
An innovative and unique angle on changing tables, this one capitalize on the corner space in Baby's nursery! It allows you to change your infant with his feet pointing towards you - which is a more comfortable and natural position. Also features abundant storage space on either side of the changing area and below. It takes up only a 30"x30" area in the corner. Measures 36" high to the top of the contoured, 16" x 31" changing pad. Illustrated assembly instructions included; also includes a safety strap. May be accessorized with Badger Nursery Baskets (sold separately)! Can be used as a storage/book shelf or TV/Media center when your child outgrows the changing table. Made of wood and wood composite materials with a white finish. Some assembly needed. Illustrated instructions included.

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Good bye old friend 2
Good bye old friend 2
12 years ago I started to renovate this 200 year old worker's cottage near Bradford on Avon Wiltshire. Now I'm on the move again. I will miss this place, so much has happened here from the age of 21. Video nights, romantic fire lit evenings. Dinner parties, daft parties. Friends stopping over. Arguments, break ups. demolition, rebuilding, decorating, burst water pipes creating floods. Stress & fun times. It's all change, hopefully for the better back in Bristol where friends are. Here's to a new life full of promise & hopefully better times. Goodbye Rhodes Cottage........
Changing table
Changing table
We bought this old pine dresser for him to use but I built the changing table piece that slides over the top/

pine changing tables
pine changing tables
DaVinci Monterey Baby Changing Table - Cherry
A versatile changer that will complete any nursery d233;cor. This changer includes a 1" waterproof changer pad and a metal support bracket underneath the shelf to enhance baby safety. It features two shelves for added convenience. Safety strap also included. Features: Monterey changing table enhances the look of any nursery and any furniture with its simple design. Safety belt and metal support under changer top enhances the safety of the changer. 1" waterproof changing pad included for additional comfort for your baby. One Year Warranty. Finish: Cherry.