Specialized Fsr Bike - Single Speed Track Bikes.

Specialized Fsr Bike

specialized fsr bike
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specialized fsr bike - Specialized strap
Specialized strap length suit / road car / mountain bike / bike harness clothes / 11 black and yellow lightning(available Size:S, M, L, Xl, Xxl,XXXL)
Specialized strap length suit / road car / mountain bike / bike harness clothes / 11 black and yellow lightning(available Size:S, M, L, Xl, Xxl,XXXL)
Size Chart for reference: Recommended height(cm) :S160-168\M164-172\L168-176\XL170-180\XXL175-185\XXXL180-192 Recommended weight(kg):S50-55\M55-65\L65-72\XL72-80\XXL80-90\XXXL90-99 Fabric Introduction: riding clothes are made of 100% polyester mesh cloth, which has a strong degree of impact-resistant, good elasticity and good abrasion resistance. Riding pants are made of 80% polyester and 20% Lycra, and they're high elastic fabric. Features: The microfiber is moisture wicking faster. The three-dimensional structure and its innovative design increased the area of sweat evaporation, and ideal air layer can be created. Even in the harshest environments, it can maintain a comfortable temperature and humidity. It can maintain dry and cool in hot environment, while it can maintain warm and easing in cold environment. The sweat soaked body will not affect your athletic performance. Cushion Introduction: cushion is made of absorbent, breathable and light backing strap of CoolMax. It can completely attach to the skin, so as to reduce the burden of arms. The protection pad surface is disposed through a deodorant and antibacterial treatment, so it can quickly absorb moisture and sweating. All this can help you to keep dry and comfortable. It can paste fit to body curves because of its elasticity, thus it can further reduce wind resistance. Washing Instructions: the maximum temperature: 29 degrees, (water) washing. No scrubbing with a brush, no washing with bleaching powder. Low iron.

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2004 Specialized FSR Stumpjumper
2004 Specialized FSR Stumpjumper
For sale! Hardly used (less than 80 miles) speedy full-suspension XC bike. Well taken care of, no dents. Manitou Axel front shock and Fox Float RL rear. Disc brakes. Paid $1450.00 new. Size is large.
Specialized FSR-XC
Specialized FSR-XC
New bike (+ existing saddle, tyres and pedals). I'll swap the wheels and brakes with my Zaskar at some point too probably.

specialized fsr bike