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good bike to buy
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Bike 10 Islandsbrygge
Bike 10 Islandsbrygge
After many years of research Gaudi came to the conclusion that church bells rings out the best just before they crack and die. This year is as you all probably know 2009 according to the Gregorian calendar. This is also the year in which I’ve been driving around on this bike. I bought it back in 1999 to replace it with the worst bike I’ve ever had a Centurion Basic (it was bad in every way and I’m never ever going to buy a Centurion bike again!). One day on my way home from school I stopped by the local Opel car dealer to see my father’s new car that we were going to pick up later that day. When I had seen that car and talked a great deal with the salesman I took of on my bike to go home and relax. At a light I stepped hard on the pedals to get away as fast a possible but then the chain jammed. Resulting in me continuing over the handlebars and made a direct hit on the asphalt below. A woman on a bike just ahead of me turned around to see what all the swearing was about. I was literally sitting in the middle of the road cursing me bike beyond hell. She called up an ambulance and after a brief check at the ER I was good to go home with plasters on my right eyebrow and various scratches. I tried to call home but no one answered the phone and I had to limp all the way back. Later I sold the bike and bought the one shown on the picture. I remember being very impressed with the way it handled compared to the other bikes I tried out. And for ten years know I’ve been riding around on this alu bike with at that time fashionable Y frame. I’ve been driving around in quite Roskilde and then even quieter Kolding. Now it’s in Copenhagen where the most crazy and hazardous bikers in Dk are to be found. And then we are back at Gaudis words about the church bells sounding best just before they die. My bike has never been closer to be replaced by a new model than now – but at the same time it has blossomed after some minor repairs. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with the bike as I am at this moment. It’s blistering fast (as fast as a overweight bike with 7 internal gears and rather fat tires can go), it’s stiff as a board and it just makes you want to go faster, faster, faster. So this year is the celebration of its 10th year birthday. To commemorative this I’ve taken these shots in the dark night of Copenhagen. It almost looks new again. Here the shot is taken at Islandsbrygge infront of an light installation.
Burned bike 1990, Minchinhampton, Glos.
Burned bike 1990, Minchinhampton, Glos.
Being quite poor at the time, and needing transport, I bought this little 100cc bike from Eddie's on Kirkstall Road, and rode it all the way down to Gloucestershire from Leeds, in the Spring of 1990. Because my rented house on West End opened straight onto the street, and there was no street parking, and I didn't want to drag the motorbike through the house... I parked the bike in the car park of Minchinhampton library. It was no great hardship to walk a couple of hundred yards to and from my house. One evening there was a knock on the door, and it was a member of Her majesty's Constabulary. Being a little worse for wear, I feared that I must have committed some heinous crime. Instead, it was this: "are you the owner of a black Kawasaki motorcycle, registration number blah-de-blah? I owned that I was, and made haste to the library car park, where my frazzled bike stood, still smoking, next to the above-pictured Ford Escort. The next day I had the owner of the Escort round at my house accusing me, if you will, that I had instigated the fire myself for insurance purposes, and that he and his mates were going to give me a goodkicking,and well deserved it too be would. Once I was permitted to get a word in, my evident superior breeding, intellect and really good posh voice that I can turn on at the drop of a hat, were sufficient to assuage him of his suspicions. He tugged his forelock, apologised for being alive and went away. The great thing about a lot of these Gloucestershire locals is that they're so in-bred they'll kowtow to just about anything with a pulse, and of course if you speak 'loik a poiraaahhhttt' , then the natural order of things conditions you to accept anything said in a posh voice as compulsory. As beautiful as this area is it's wasted on the locals, apart from Laurie Lee, who was a genius. And that vicar who wrote Thomas the Tank Engine. Unfortunately, a lot of wealthy people from London have realised that too, so you can't find a house for under 300K. Anyway I digress (as per usual); I wheeled the bike back down West End and had to take it through the house to the back to keep it safe. Norwich Union took forever to pay up, so it was about two months before I got another bike.

good bike to buy