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Bicycle Light Systems

bicycle light systems
    bicycle light
  • Bicycle lighting serves to increase the visibility of the bicycle rider to others in dark conditions, i.e. to increase the rider's conspicuity and to enhance the ability of the rider to see, illuminating the way forward.
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bicycle light systems - CygoLite Hi-Flux
CygoLite Hi-Flux II LED Xtra: High-Brightness LED Bike Light with Frame Mount NiMH Battery
CygoLite Hi-Flux II LED Xtra: High-Brightness LED Bike Light with Frame Mount NiMH Battery
Cygo Lite Hi Flux II LED Xtra uses the latest generation High-Brightness LED and a streamlined NiMH battery. This light can last 4.5 hours to 50 hours on the high and low beam settings. LED output brighter than 10 watt halogen (150 Lumen). New 3rd generation high-brightness LED. High and low beam settings, 2.5 hour rapid smart charger.

Enjoy top-of-the-line LED performance at bottom-dollar prices with the Hi-Flux II LED Xtra bike light. Outfitted with the latest-generation high-brightness LED bulb, the Hi-Flux LED Xtra easily outshines a 10-watt halogen on any road or trail, making it a great choice for avid road or mountain bikers. No more illuminating just a few narrow feet in front of you, or squinting to make out objects to your side. The light also offers plenty of runtime, with a streamlined NiMH battery that helps the battery last 4.5 hours on the high-beam setting or 50 hours on the low-beam setting. The featherweight battery fits snugly under the top tube and replenishes in less than 2.5 hours with the rapid smart charger. Both commuters and road riders agree that the no-nonsense Hi-Flux II LED Xtra delivers high-end performance at a reasonable price. Other features include a complete weatherproof construction, an LED output equivalent of 10 halogen watts (150 lumens), an optional wide-view lens, and a heavy-duty Flip-Lock handlebar bracket that fits oversized and standard-sized handlebars.

The Hi-Flux II LED Xtra illuminates a brighter path compared to a traditional halogen bike light.
LED output: 150 lumens
Lighting modes: 2 (high and low)
Light type: 3rd-generation high-brightness LED
Battery type: Frame-mount NiMH
Battery charging time: 2.5 hours
Run time: 4.5 hours (high setting); 50 hours (low setting)
Weight: 0.17 pounds (head); 0.58 pounds (battery)

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Retrofitted Bicycle / Biclou Modernisé
Retrofitted Bicycle / Biclou Modernisé
Old bicycle in Paris "Butte aux Cailles" area, retrofitted with a LED light system and an anemometer (or a miniature wind turbine). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Un vieux velo dans le quartier de la Butte aux Cailles a Paris, equipe recemment d'un eclairage par LEDs et d'un anemometre (a moins qu'il ne s'agisse d'une eolienne miniature).
Wiring Diagram
Wiring Diagram
My homebuilt bicycle lighting system from the early 1990's. Now obsolete and abandoned.

bicycle light systems