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Titanium Cross Bike

titanium cross bike
  • The chemical element of atomic number 22, a hard silver-gray metal of the transition series, used in strong, light, corrosion-resistant alloys
  • Titanium ( ) is a chemical element with the symbol Ti and atomic number 22. Sometimes called the "space age metal", it has a low density and is a strong, lustrous, corrosion-resistant (including sea water, aqua regia and chlorine) transition metal with a silver color.
  • (Say: tie - tayne - ee - um) - An exotic and expensive metalĀ frame material that's super light, lively riding and ultra durable.
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titanium cross bike - WTB Vulpine
WTB Vulpine Mountain Bike Tire (29x2.1, Folding Race, Black)
WTB Vulpine Mountain Bike Tire (29x2.1, Folding Race, Black)
The WTB Vulpine offers more than simple straight-line speed - its well-spaced outside knobs pierce loose soil, boosting control in corners. This lightning-fast tire is quickly becoming the premier choice for pump track bikes worldwide.
Incredibly fast and light tire with predictable handling
Low rolling resistance XC tire for hardpack trails and dirt jumping
Folding bead with DNA rubber and light 60 tpi casing
DNA Rubber: fast-rolling, light and tacky 60a rubber compound
Item Specifications
Tire BeadFolding
ISO Diameter622 / road / 29"
ISO Width53mm
Labeled Size2.1
Color Tread/SideBlack/Black
Tire TypeClincher
Tire Diameter700c,29"
Tire UseMountain
Defined ColorBlack

88% (10)
Bob's bike
Bob's bike
Cyclo Cross Touring Bike 52 cms Trek USA Touring/cyclo cross bicycle. Excellent condition, hardly used. Butted superlight alpha aluminium tubing. Customised with Shimano 9 speed ultegra and Shimano S.P.D's. Stronglight 48/34 double chainset. 11cms stem + ITM suprlight 42cms c-c handle bars. The bike comes with 12-27 9 speed Dura Ace sprockets (titanium) wheels on road tyres + a spare pair of cyclo cross tyre
Black Sheep Pineridge cross/commuter.
Black Sheep Pineridge cross/commuter.
Built as a "New England cross bike" with shallow HTA but still very quick steering, provisions for disc brakes and fenders. Built with Ultegra 10spd, Chris King to Mavic CXP21 wheels, Specialized Ti stem and On-One Mary bars with Paul Thumbies and Paul Neo-Retro brakes. MKS Lambda flat pedals, American Classic Ti seatpost, Selle Italia Flite Transalp Ti saddle. Awesome.

titanium cross bike
titanium cross bike
Habanero Titanium Cyclocross Frame - Disc Brakes
Brushed Finish (not bead blasted) * Machined Titanium Head Tube and Bottom Bracket shell * Top tube cable routing * Welded 7cm Titanium Insert in top of Seat Tube (strengthens frame and allows 27.2mm seat post in an oversize seat tube) * 51mm IS disc brake mount on dropouts * Set up for cable-operated disc brake caliper (like the Avid Road BB7 calipers) * Dropout width 135mm (allows use of MTB rear hubs) * Dropouts drilled for rack & fender mounting, welded rack mount bosses on seat stays * Pulley boss behind seat tube above BB allows using road-style (bottom pull) front derailleur * 7mm (1/4") Water cut titanium dropouts * Slotted, Welded Titanium Cable Guides * Welded Titanium Seat Post Binders * Welded Water Bottle Lugs (no rivet to loosen) * "No Noodle" design - frame flex stops here! * All frames are fully hand-prepped prior to shipment or building * 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship * 1/2 price "crash replacement" program * 14-day money-back guarantee of total satisfaction * Custom geometry available (see www.habcycles.com) * Weight listed is for 49cm frame * Sizes: 49, 52, 55, 57 and 59cm center to top

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