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magna bikes target
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  • Magna is an American company that makes bicycles for all ages. They manufacture mountain bikes for distribution by Dynacraft BSC in American retail stores.
  • Magna is a census-designated place (CDP) and township in Salt Lake County, Utah, United States. The population was 22,770 at the 2000 census, a moderate increase over the 1990 figure of 17,829.
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"Electroshock"? Hmmm ...
"Electroshock"? Hmmm ...
The Magna "Electroshock" is ready to ride again. I found it the other day in a puzzling state of abandonment -- lying in the grass in several pieces, on what appeared to be public property. After determining that it would probably be salvageable, I hauled it home and took inventory. It was all there except for having no inner tubes. Strange. After investing in a couple of tubes, I reassembled it and got it back to rideable condition. The two biggest negatives are (1) it weighs in at 38.5 pounds! So, you don't want to do much lifting or carrying the beast around; and (2) it has "indexed grip shifters" -- a horrible innovation that was supposed to make gear changing ultra-convenient. Searching for any background about Magna bikes, I found that many or most of them were sold by Target, in the price range of $100 - $150. They were Chinese imports. This one is probably at least 10 years old, and I was surprised that it didn't show too much in the way of wear & tear, considering it's probably had a hard life. Guess I could keep it and use it for short errands, on the theory that I wouldn't need to bother locking it. Who'd want to steal such a clunker? But more likely I'll try to find someone who'll appreciate this one more than I do. I'm about out of parking space for bikes!
47.365 trusty bike
47.365 trusty bike
After having had a series of bikes stolen (seriously, like 4 in a few months' time) I went with the cheapest one at target figuring its days were numbered anyhow. It had it's share of parts stolen- a tire and a seat, the chain is rusted, and the slightest bit of pressure on the breaks emits an unbelievable screeching sound. On the upside I can clear students from the sidewalk like nobody's business. On the downside I have to endure the looks people shoot at me from the grass where they dove for protection. It feels like riding through sand, and add a trailer and a toddler and I'm that person on a bike getting passed by walkers. I've had this bike for more than 5 years. Now I'm normally very loyal to my possessions but this is the exception. I've left it outside for weeks at a time (see rusted chain), and lately (accidentally) I've taken to leaving it unlocked on campus all day. To no avail, it's always there waiting for me at the end of my day. Little did I know it but this was my last day of riding this bike to work. On a whim I wandered into a bike store and wandered out with my new love. It's getting outfitted with fenders and lights and tomorrow it will be mine all mine. Now I just have to figure out how to clear those students.

magna bikes target
magna bikes target
Magna-Tiles Translucent Colors 100 pieces
3 years & up. These magnetic tiles teach spatial relationships, math, logic, and problem-solving through creative building! The tiles attract on all sides and in all combinations, helping children move from two-dimensional to three-dimensional creations. Unbreakable set includes square and triangular tiles in a variety of sizes. Clear colored pieces, of the same shapes and pc. count as standard set. These are great for light tables, and also are fully compatible with our 32pc. standard set. They will work well alone or together with the standard solid colored pieces to make windows, skylights, etc.