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  • A BMX bike or BMX is the name of a popular bicycle which is used for both casual use and sport and is designed mainly for dirt and motocross cycling. "BMX" is the usual abbreviation for bicycle motocross.
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bmx bike creator - FitBikeCo: Flick
FitBikeCo: Flick Trix 5050bmx Finger Bike Service Store Display Case Set
FitBikeCo: Flick Trix 5050bmx Finger Bike Service Store Display Case Set
5050 BMX is located in Layton, Utah and has been serving the BMX community for over 10 years. Now, the maker of Flick Trix is bringing bikers' favorite service store to the world of finger bikes -- introducing the 5050 BMX Finger Bike Service Store Display Case Set.
Flick Trix are the ultimate BMX finger bikes. This new generation of finger bikes has more functionality and realistic details that make them not only fun to play with, but great for collecting as well! In addition to the improved design, Flick Trix is also working closely with some of your favorite BMX brands from both yesterday and today to ensure we get all the frame and art details perfect! Check them out and see for yourself!
Each set comes with 1 complete ~4" finger bicycle, 1 display case that can holds up to 12 bikes (horizontal) or 32 bikes (vertical) [ADDITIONAL BIKES SOLD SEPARATELY).
Look for other great Flick Trix by searching for flicktrixdiva.

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BMX Bike
BMX Bike
This is a picture I took of my BMX bike. My assignment for myself for the day was sepia, and I found that the bike went along pretty good with it.
Bmx Bike Show
Bmx Bike Show
Chris Gerber and Jeremy Ball perform a bmx bike show for a Jordan Valley Freedom in east jordan, michigan. High Action Bikes Bmx Stunt Show

bmx bike creator