Bike Training Dvds

bike training dvds
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bike training dvds - Rides: Vol.
Rides: Vol. 5 Hill Country, Bicycle training DVD
Rides: Vol. 5 Hill Country, Bicycle training DVD
Rides: Vol. 5 Hill Country, Bicycle training DVD. ? The ultimate indoor cycling series training hits the hills! Pedal just along the border of Kentucky and Indiana on an extended 1hr 20min ride with one of the best cycling teams in the region as they take on the hugely popular Floyds Knobs, a challenging route with several jutting hills, rollers and amazing vistas. ? This constantly varying terrain will keep you on your toes and get you geared up for whatever your own training regimen may be. And if a little extra burn is your thing, included is a bonus stand-alone hill climbing section that will help you make any grade. ? Main Ride is 1 HR 20 MIN, BONUS HILL REPEAT workout - up to 50 minutes extra! ? DVD features include: sleek new dashboard design, optional coaching track, local facts and motivational quotes, rider interviews, and more

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My dad likes to send me DVDs in the mail. He used to send movies of questionable value taped off TCM until he found out I like movies that are newer (he interprets that as "in color" and is a real comedian about it). Then we were able to successfully and collectively channel his DVD energy into new episodes of Psych and Mad Men (I don't have cable). It is a success story (except for Valley of the Dolls, which Elizabeth and I were tortured through one night)!
8 more weeks
8 more weeks
While sitting in front of the T.V being a lazy asshole for most of the winter, i caught a glimpse of a calender and realized the first race of the season is about 10 weeks away and the winter snow will probably not melt for another 8 or so.....soooooo, out comes the trainer, and on goes the Tour de France DVDs. Time to make my lungs burn.

bike training dvds
bike training dvds
Spinervals Virtual Reality 2.0: Lake Placid Training Ride DVD
Ride with Coach Troy Jacobson in a virtual 56 mile cycling tour over majestic hills in the Adirondack region of picturesque Lake Placid, New York! Enjoy incredible scenery as you ride on Troy's wheel as he coaches you on proper technique, gear selection and intensity during this high aerobic endurance training ride of about three hours in duration. As this ride covers much of the race course for the famous Iron distance event in Lake Placid, you'll hear tips and suggestions on race day nutrition, pacing strategy and more! Starting in Lake Placid, the ride takes you down the hill to the town of Keene then over rolling hills to the sleepy town of Jay. The climbing really starts on the way to Wilmington, with an out and back section on Haselton Road that shocks the legs. Once back in Wilmington, the last leg of the ride includes a 14 mile uphill jaunt back to Lake Placid with the incredible White Face Mountain and the Au Sable River on your right side. Overall, this is a cycling workout for the record books and a fantastic training workout! This DVD contains two audio tracks including one with coaching mixed with music and one with only coaching and no music, allowing you to play your own favorite music in the background.