Teak Dining Tables - Sean Conway Tiverton 2011 Rectangular Dining Table - Pedestal Tables.

Teak Dining Tables

teak dining tables
    dining tables
  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room
  • The first dining tables of which survivors remain are the type known as refectory tables. They are made usually of oak, and one of the earliest, at Penshurst Place in Kent, has a typical thick top of joined planks supported on three separate trestles.
  • Hard durable timber used in shipbuilding and for making furniture
  • The large deciduous tree native to India and Southeast Asia that yields this timber
  • Teak (Tectona), is a genus of tropical hardwood trees in the mint family, Lamiaceae.Heywood, V.H., Brummitt, R.K., Culham, A. & Seberg, O. 2007: Flowering Plant Families of the World. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
  • tall East Indian timber tree now planted in western Africa and tropical America for its hard durable wood
  • hard strong durable yellowish-brown wood of teak trees; resistant to insects and to warping; used for furniture and in shipbuilding

I love this teak dining set from the early sixties. Also this pose. In the background: vintage floral tumblers.
Teak Dining Table
Teak Dining Table
Danish mid century teak, draw leaf dining table with leafs extended. (refinished)

teak dining tables
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