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Coffee Storage Table

coffee storage table
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Storage Coffee Table
Storage Coffee Table
My mum was kind enough to keep an eye out for me and pick this up so it got me for nothing :)

It has some decent storage space underneath as to where I can now house my 2600 and 7800 Atari games including the console to the left underneath when not in use!

Starting to get cozy in here... now just need a friggin loveseat.
7800 Games have a home!
7800 Games have a home!
I have decided that since I don't have a case or any wall shelves yet that this is probably the best place anyways for my Atari 7800 games - in the coffee table storage area - hidden away and well protected ;)

Wow, what a small collection of 7800 games and still waiting to complete a deal for the 7800. Can't wait till it gets here!

coffee storage table
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