Flatbed Towing

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If you are unfortunate to be in an accident and your vehicle has sustained heavy damage that has rendered it un-drivable, the best way to get your vehicle back to the local auto body shop or your residence is to use a flatbed truck as quickly as possible. 

car being towed away from the side of road in Elizabeth, NJ

People opt for flatbed towing for a number of reasons including the weight of the vehicle as well as make and model of the vehicle. One of the advantages is that when vehicles are transported through a flatbed truck, each of the wheels is secured which is unlike the traditional method where the front and rear of the vehicle is chained.


Another reason people prefer this method of towing is due to the design of their vehicle. When the design is such that it doesn’t allow additional weight to be put on one end of the vehicle as is the case with wheel lift towing, people prefer hiring a flatbed truck. It also happens to be the right towing method for sports cars as well as luxury vehicles as those vehicles are not really designed to be towed on an angle.


Wheel Lift Towing

Most people think of the wheel lift method when they picture towing. Simply put, it is the type of towing where the front or rear wheels of the vehicle are chained to a tow truck at an angle and wheels are lifted off the ground. It’s a great option for short hauls where the vehicle is required to be taken only a short distance to either the home or a repair shop. It is also considered the most optimal method of towing for lightweight trucks, vans and cars.


However, this type of towing is not the right choice for all kinds of moves. Sometimes, specific vehicles or specific conditions require different options. In some cases, a flatbed truck offers the best option to move a vehicle from one place to another.


These trucks are specifically designed for hauling bigger vehicles or vehicles that do not have any functioning tires or vehicles where all the tires need to be lifted up off the ground. Also, flatbed towing is generally considered the right choice for towing jobs that are long distance.


Call Now: 908-333-4432

Flatbed Insurance Towing

Our dispatch center offers priority service to flatbed towing for insurance partners.


Insurance partners get access to our own dispatch system for various emergency services. Give a call to your insurance provider and ask them to speed up your order for flatbed towing.


We have a huge fleet of flatbed tow trucks for transporting a wide variety of vehicles and for offering expert roadside recovery. Reach out to your local customer service for dispatching your flatbed recovery with a simple call.

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