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Trek Women's Hybrid Bike

trek women's hybrid bike
    hybrid bike
  • A hybrid bicycle is a bicycle designed for general-purpose utility and commuting on a wide variety of surfaces, including paved and unpaved roads, paths and trails. It combines features from the road bike and the mountain bike, and includes variants such as the city bike, cross bike and commuter.
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trek women's hybrid bike - Columbia Northway
Columbia Northway Women's Comfort Bike, Teal/Gray, 18-Inch Frame
Columbia Northway Women's Comfort Bike, Teal/Gray, 18-Inch Frame
The Columbia Northway is perfect for riding to the store or just relaxing with your family. It features a comfort design steel frame with a women's specific step-thru design. It also has a comfort suspension fork to smooth out the road or path, along with 21 easy pedaling speeds to make your ride a breeze. Designed for a relaxing, upright riding position, it features a plush saddle with memory foam to provide the ultimate in comfort. Easy to use SRAM MRX GripShift shifters help you tackle the hills while linear pull brakes provide confident stopping power for the way down.

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hybrid bike
hybrid bike
My latest Project,, last years trike is this years bike, nothing to buy this time, just a few hours welding cutting, wiring and head scratching Power: 24 volts, 72 amp hours Motor: 0.75 hp, 600 watts Range: 30 miles with human power assistance,,, "Confirmed" Top speed: 18 mph then motor automatically cuts off Charge time: 6 hours
It's a Cruiser AND a mountain bike
It's a Cruiser AND a mountain bike
More commonly known as a hybrid bike. The comfort of a cruiser and functionality of a mountain bike. Cruiser or exercise. Your choice.

trek women's hybrid bike
trek women's hybrid bike
2009 Jango 7.0 Womens Large Commuter Hybrid Comfort Cross Road Bicycle Bike 700c made by Topeak
The Jango 7.0 is an ideal transportation, fitness and recreational solution for time crunched modern women. A sturdy 7005 series aluminum frame with women specific comfort geometry and low stand over height features exclusive Plug 'N Play ports that make it easy to swap out Jango accessories for commuting, shopping or running errands. Racks, bags, fenders, lights, whatever you need, all click on and off in seconds, often without the use of tools.

MSRP $1199.99

PLEASE NOTE: the fork on this bike is discolored - some sort of issue with the paint at the manufacturer's. the defect in the paint is on the fork ONLY. please see photo #4 for examples of the discoloration, then save a ton on this excellent bike.