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4 Wheel Bike Plans

4 wheel bike plans
    wheel bike
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4 wheel bike plans - How I
How I Built My Own Four-Wheel Bicycle: No welding or machine shop necessary
How I Built My Own Four-Wheel Bicycle: No welding or machine shop necessary
This attention-getting two-seater was engineered to be built from ONE bicycle, some PVC pipe, and a few miscellaneous parts using typical hand tools many people already have. Use this detailed account of my successes and failures to help you design your own bike. You can spend thousands on a four-wheel commercial bike or you can have the fun of building your own. Sure, you can find plans on the Internet, but the ones I found often required two identical bikes and expensive customized parts from a machine shop (and they still cost more than this book). I will show you how I made mine from a single bicycle I picked up at a yard sale for $10. You'll find many design and construction hints and suggestions along with 38 full-color pictures to guide you. If you are even thinking about attempting such a project, this book is for you.

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#651 MA bicycle routes 4: German Heartland Route!
#651 MA bicycle routes 4: German Heartland Route!
I am still not sure to do this, but the plans are serious General information This route takes you from the Dutch coast to the first Alps in 1.000km. It does not lead via the classical Rhine route; what is offered in 95 out of 100 routes. It leads through the heartlands of the Netherlands and Germany. The route is scheduled in 9/10 sections; on average ca 100km per section. For those who like the laid back touristical idea: of course a section can be cut in 2; to create a fine 50km a day How to do it The route is designed to do it in many ways 1. Take the Bike over the route with luggage from Hotel to Hotel. All cities are in areas with more hotels. 2. Plan Hotels strategically at the route. And travel from hotel to hotel by train. All section starts and ends have a railway station. In this system. You ride your part (possible first with train to the start and return by train to the hotel. Every 250-300 you can switch to an hotel next at the route. F.e. Take a Hotel in Rheden or Wageningen; do the first 2 stages and then use a day to move on to hotel in Rheda Wiedenbruck or Kassel. Luggage can stay at the hotel 3. Section by section. Spread over more holidays. On the bicycle A good race, race-a-like or travel bicycle is needed. The route does not lead over high mountains. There are serious climbs where a "climbing" wheel set is necessary. A 5 gear sportsbike is for that reason not recommanded. Guides and maps This is an orginal bicycle route by me. It is not described in any guide. After I have done it; it is my goal to do so. Bicycle culture is relative new in Germany and many is done last years. It means that now is the time to discover. There are very good bicycle maps. I often use those from Geomap on 1:75.000 scale. These are very proper for bicyclists. About my plans I think to fix it in 10 bicycle days. Of course I will schedule some rest days; so the route can be completed in 2 weeks. The idea is to do it October 2010. It is my challenge to do this year. For next year: I am keen on a follow up. Leading through the Alps in Northern Italy. What if you like the Rhine route Following the Rhine and perhaps further till Rome. Well there is one legendary guide ; It is "Route naar Rome" from Reitsma. Sadly only in Dutch language. This guide really fits for purpose!! It is one of the best bicycle guides ever! Be aware of traffic jams on the Rhine-bicycle routes nowadays!! As I know the Rhine but the backland not really; I'll give it a try to write an alternative Bicycle guide: this route.
Schwinn wwii by Tiki tOny
Schwinn wwii by Tiki tOny
I think this was a 60's or 70's era Schwinn but not sure because the serial numbers were scratched off when I bought it. I bought it in 1999 at the Ventura Swap meet for $25 and it was mostly faded black with bits of other older colors showing underneath. I stripped it down to bare metal, primed it and painted it satin black with red rims. Before the term Rat Rod was used, it was my hot rod bike. I airbrushed flames on the chain guard and cut wiffle ball bats as tailpipes that were painted aluminum. I pin striped the chrome fenders with red racing stripes. I rode it for 10 years that way, and it got beat up the last 4 or 5 so I decided to reserect it as a wwii style bike. If you're a bike person, you may notice the drop center front rim... I don't think its original to this bike but it was on there when I got it. Some guy said its worth more than my whole bike... I don't know if I should be happy about that or insulted! I had the original spring Schwinn seat on up until this last rebuild. I kept it, but this new $25 seat is so much more comfortable and makes the bike look finished. I normally opt for original, but after 30 years of use, I wanted comfort! The Rack was purchased from Rusty Spokes (I think) at the Pomona Auto Swap Meet. I think its one of the coolest racks I've ever seen. I had to rig the tail light and found the chrome eye lid from a motorcycle swap meeter. The hardware that holds up the rack, was from a 70's thin wheel Schwinn. The wood is from a shelf unit from Ikea that we had left over pieces for. I knew I'd use those someday! I just was given a 3 wheel "Worksman" that I plan to turn to a wwii mobile tiki bar... as if soldiers in the south pacific used a military bike but decorated it with island decor to serve drinks in the jungle!

4 wheel bike plans
4 wheel bike plans
Racor B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack
Hang and store one bike vertically with this wall-mount bike rack from Racor. Molded rubber hook guards protect the rim from scratching and gouging. The rack is equipped with an exclusive security loop that accepts cable locks for optimal theft-deterrence indoors and out. Solid steel construction means optimal durability and support. And, an epoxy finish ensures corrosion resistance for years of rust-free storage. With no assembly required; the rack mounts easily with the provided hardware. --Brian D. Olson