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Razor Mx650 Electric Dirt Bike

razor mx650 electric dirt bike
    electric dirt
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Dirt Hauling
Dirt Hauling
We spent the last two work days hauling dirt from the river back to our property. This is actually kind of fun since the river is just a few blocks away and we can use the electric vehicles for all the hauling. Now two of our 50 square foot raised beds have soil. We add hummus and pete moss to the river dirt which is pretty sandy, but free of weeds. I am still digging dirt out of my ears and nose.
More Riding Plus a Quick Look at Some Fungi
More Riding Plus a Quick Look at Some Fungi
This is my second clip of the girls, Emily and Nicole, on their bikes. Nicole is riding her Dad's and Emily is on the one she'd just got for her birthday.

razor mx650 electric dirt bike
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