24 girls cruiser bike - Spd biking shoes - Shogun bike frame.

24 Girls Cruiser Bike

24 girls cruiser bike
    cruiser bike
  • Cruiser bicycles, also known as beach cruisers, combine balloon tires, upright seating posture, single-speed drivetrains, and straightforward steel construction with expressive styling.
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2 x D-Lite4's. 1 behind (power 3.7) into Lastolite HiLite (6x7), and 1 infront, high angled down with softbox (power 3.1). Prolinca Infra-Red trigger.
101011 57301 24 / Pork-pie Cruiser: 10/10/10 CicLAvia LA CA
101011 57301 24 / Pork-pie Cruiser: 10/10/10 CicLAvia LA CA
CicLAvia, Los Angeles, 10/10/10

24 girls cruiser bike
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