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Dynamo For Bicycle

dynamo for bicycle
  • ride a bicycle
  • A vehicle composed of two wheels held in a frame one behind the other, propelled by pedals and steered with handlebars attached to the front wheel
  • In graph theory, a pseudoforest is an undirected graphThe kind of undirected graph considered here is often called a multigraph or pseudograph, to distinguish it from a simple graph. in which every connected component has at most one cycle.
  • a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
  • A machine for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy; a generator
  • Dynamo is an album recorded by Argentine Rock band Soda Stereo. It is their seventh full-length album and it was first released by CBS in Argentina in 1992.
  • generator consisting of a coil (the armature) that rotates between the poles of an electromagnet (the field magnet) causing a current to flow in the armature
  • A dynamo, originally another name for an electrical generator, now means a generator that produces direct current with the use of a commutator.
  • An extremely energetic person
dynamo for bicycle - SpinPOWER I4
SpinPOWER I4 iPhone 4 Bicycle USB Charger KIT
SpinPOWER I4 iPhone 4 Bicycle USB Charger KIT
Whether you cycle to work, for fitness, or pleasure, SpinPOWER I4 is the ideal bike accessory or gift for any cyclist. SpinPOWER I4 is bicycle-powered battery charger kit that offers the efficient and fun way to charge your iPhone 4 while bicycling. There are many fun activities to enjoy with iPhone on your bike - listening to MP3, running Apps, using GPS, logging stats, or simply making and receiving calls on your phone. Charging your iPhone while cycling allows for the uninterrupted iPhone use without the inconvenience of its battery running out. No electricity is required to charge your phone during the ride - SpinPOWER I4 Kit uses your own pedal power to power up your iPhone. SpinPOWER I4 is compatible with Apple iPhone 4 models. This eco-friendly bicycle dynamo charger kit can also charge many other USB-chargeable devices such as bike lights and MP3 players. Each kit includes all necessary components and wiring - bicycle USB charger, dynamo power generator, iPhone 4 handlebar holder, and all required mounting brackets and connectors. SpinPOWER I4 bicycle USB charger kit is easy to attach, simple to use, and does not require any retrofitting to your bicycle or wheel spokes. It is ideal for use during both the short cycle journeys and the longer cycle trips.

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Dynamo Powered Headlight
Dynamo Powered Headlight
This headlight is powered by the hub dynamo in the front wheel. It's brighter than about 90% of the headlights you see running around Boulder at night. Mounted low down like this it does a good job of highlighting irregularities in the pavement, while not blinding oncoming traffic. It's also fairly well protected from inadvertant impacts in this position, by the stays for the front rack. Some forks have dedicated braze-ons for mounting a light. I had to improvize with a P-clamp and a piece of scrap aluminum. It's worked great though! The light has a photodiode sensor in it, that turns it on automatically at dusk or when I enter a tunnel or underpass. It contains a large capacitor that stores several minutes worth of power, keeping me highly visible even while stopped at intersections or standing next to the road/path at night. And I never have to wonder if the battery is charged. It Just Works™. Most people wouldn't buy a car that didn't have headlights. I don't understand why we seem to think it's okay for bikes. The amount of drag the dynohub adds to the bike is miniscule, even when the light is turned on. Far far less than the amount of energy that's lost on many bikes to overly knobby tires or unnecessary shocks.
Fancy road barrier for bikes
Fancy road barrier for bikes
There was a fiesta of cycling in Dublin on Wednesday. Some streets were closed off to traffic using fancy car shaped barriers, as below. The best bit was an outside screening of the bicycle-themed "Triplets of Belleville", where the projector was powered by dynamos from guys on bicycles! Unfortunately, it had to be abandoned due to rain :(

dynamo for bicycle
dynamo for bicycle
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