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26 Inch Chainless Comfort Bike

26 inch chainless comfort bike
    comfort bike
  • A hybrid bicycle is a bicycle designed for general-purpose utility and commuting on a wide variety of surfaces, including paved and unpaved roads, paths and trails. It combines features from the road bike and the mountain bike, and includes variants such as the city bike, cross bike and commuter.
  • (Comfort Bikes) All-terrain bikes with ergonomically-superior upright riding positions, suspension forks, soft grips, cushy saddles and wide-range gearing; Comfort bikes generally use 26" mountain bike wheels.
  • A popular type of bicycle built mostly for recreational use and designed for optimum rider comfort with features such as soft seats, suspension seatposts, upright riding position and easy gearing.
  • The Chainless was a French automobile manufactured from 1900 to 1903 in Paris by SA des Voitures Legere Chainless. The cars used Abeille or Buchet engines of 10, 16, and 20 cv, were shaft-driven voiturettes.
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26 inch chainless comfort bike - Like A
Like A Bike Forest Walking Bike
Like A Bike Forest Walking Bike
Built for kids ages 2-5, LIKEaBIKE is a pedal-less, chainless push bike that moves by foot power ("Flinstone" style).
LIKEaBIKE is the perfect introduction to the world of cycling. It's specifically designed to complement the motor skills of young children, teaching balance and control at a much earlier age than traditional cycles with training wheels.
LIKEaBIKE is a great confidence booster. From the very beginning your child can make independent progress, pushing along to discover how it works. In a short while he will lift his feet and begin moving forward, balancing and revelling in their new found mobility! They will NEVER need a bike with stabilizers, which prevent the development of balance. Your child will take to riding a bicycle instantly and naturally.
Designed with child safety in mind, and all parts are extremely robust. Although LIKEaBIKE only weigh around 8 lbs, the use of quality materials such as birch, beech plywood or Aluminium and high grade steel fasteners ensure that they can withstand and amount of rough and tumble. The saddle can be adjusted for height as your child grows, and cotton saddle cover id full washable. All LIKEaBIKE come with a two year guarantee exceptional for a product aimed at young children!
A first bike invariably becomes a child's favourite toy. Children have an urge for movement and discovery and LIKEaBIKE enables them to playfully acquire coordination skills, foresight and agility. The feeling of riding alone is an exhilarating experience which helps to build self-confidence and safety. Whether they imagine it to be a copy of Dad's mountain bike or a pretend horse, LIKEaBIKE will play an important role as your child develops. And when it's outgrown, LIKEaBIKE becomes not just another old toy, but a lifelong reminder of childhood dreams...
Give your child the earliest opportunity to explore its enviroment and discover new worlds with LIKEaBIKE.

With its knobby, inflatable tires, distinctive dark green cotton seat, and green mudguard, the Forest Walking Bike by LIKEaBIKE is the ultimate all-terrain balance bike. Designed to introduce multiple children to the art of two-wheeled riding, the Forest Walking Bike boasts a sturdy, made-to-last construction of high-quality laminated beech wood and high-grade steel. Ideal for children from two to five years old, the Forest Walking bike has a four-position adjustable seat height from 12.5 to 16.1 inches to accommodate growing children of different heights. The bike features a comfortable cotton bike seat, secure rubber handle grips, and grey felt between the gaps in the front fork and tires, so that little fingers never get pinched. In addition, the bike has a no-sharp-edge design for maximum safety. Unlike traditional bikes with training wheels, the Forest Walking bike allows children between the ages of two and five to ride independently, gaining confidence, and developing motor skills and sense of balance.
Walking Bike Versus Traditional Bikes with Training Wheels:
The Walking Bike by Like A Bike provides families with a real alternative to rickety training wheels and the backaches associated with teaching children to bike. With the Walking bike kids as young as two years old can have a successful experience of riding on two wheels. With no pedals, the Walking Bike allows children to first straddle the bike like a hobby horse. As they become more familiar with bike they start to walk with it, and then run, practicing balance and sitting on the seat as they go. In no time the little rider becomes more confident and by pushing off, picks up speed. If the bike starts to tip, kids instinctively regain their balance with their feet. In marked contrast to first bikes equipped with training wheels, kids learn to develop balance first, and build the confidence for two-wheeled locomotion. And, unlike a pedal bike, kids can re-establish balance on their own so parents don't have to run alongside the bike.<
p> Like A Bike Versus Other Walking/Balance Bikes:
The Like A Bike Walking Bike is designed to provide children with a safe first biking experience. The unique design has no sharp edges, and the gap between the frame and the fork is filled with felt, so little fingers won't get pinched. The felt also prevents the front wheel from making sharp turns, destabilizing the bike, and causing accidents.
Unlike most balance/walking bikes, the Like A Bike Walking Bike is equipped with inflated all-terrain tires that can be used inside and out. Inflated all-terrain tires make taking the bike on rough and bumpy paths comfortable for the rider and a rear-wheel mudguard holds off the dirt. Equally good on city sidewalks, the Like A Bike Walking Bike's beautiful construction is always a head-turner.
Finally, unlike the majority of walking/balance bikes, the Like A Bike Walking Bike has an adjustable seat height so that the bike will actually grow with the child for many years of use from two to five years old. The adjustable seat height also makes it possible for multiple children to use the bike. A seat height extension (sold separately) is also available for taller children.
No-pedal walking and balance design
Develops motor skills and balance
No sharp edges for safety
Felt cushioning between frame and fork
Inflatable tires
Rear wheel mudguard
Cotton seat
Rubber grips for handle bar
Seat pole extension available (sold separately)
Recommended age range: 2 to 5 years old
Length: 32 inches
Height: 21 inches
Width at handlebar: 13 inches
Four-position seat height adjustment from 12.5 to 16.1 inches
Weight: 8.1 pounds
Manufacturer Warranty
Two years

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Chainless aint fun! :(
Chainless aint fun! :(
romper la cadena a unos cuantos km de casa en medio la nada es una putada!! y sobretodo cuando no llevas cadena de repuesto para arreglarla... y si encima eso no ayuda por tener el cambio doblado ya pa que contar mas! joer
Columbia Chainless II
Columbia Chainless II
Kettenloses Rad von Pope/Columbia. Um die Jahrhundertwende. Sold.

26 inch chainless comfort bike