Famous Chocolate Refrigerator Roll

famous chocolate refrigerator roll
  • An appliance or compartment that is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern refrigerators generally make use of the cooling effect produced when a volatile liquid is forced to evaporate in a sealed system in which it can be condensed back to liquid outside the refrigerator
  • white goods in which food can be stored at low temperatures
  • Refrigerator was an Appendix Quarter horse racehorse who won the Champions of Champions race three times. He was a 1988 bay gelding sired by Rare Jet and out of Native Parr. Rare Jet was a grandson of Easy Jet and also a double descendant of both Depth Charge (TB) and Three Bars (TB).
  • A refrigerator is a cooling apparatus. The common household appliance (often called a "fridge" for short) comprises a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump—chemical or mechanical means—to transfer heat from it to the external environment (i.e.
  • A food preparation in the form of a paste or solid block made from roasted and ground cacao seeds, typically sweetened
  • a medium brown to dark-brown color
  • A drink made by mixing milk with chocolate
  • A candy made of or covered with this
  • cocoa: a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar; usually drunk hot
  • a food made from roasted ground cacao beans
  • Known about by many people
  • celebrated: widely known and esteemed; "a famous actor"; "a celebrated musician"; "a famed scientist"; "an illustrious judge"; "a notable historian"; "a renowned painter"
  • (famously) excellently: extremely well; "he did splendidly in the exam"; "we got along famously"
  • (famously) in a manner or to an extent that is well known; "in his famously anecdotal style"
  • move by turning over or rotating; "The child rolled down the hill"; "turn over on your left side"
  • A cylinder formed by winding flexible material around a tube or by turning it over and over on itself without folding
  • a list of names; "his name was struck off the rolls"
  • axial rotation: rotary motion of an object around its own axis; "wheels in axial rotation"
  • An item of food that is made by wrapping a flat sheet of pastry, cake, meat, or fish around a sweet or savory filling
  • A cylindrical mass of something or a number of items arranged in a cylindrical shape

Famous Dave's Hot Link Sausage
Famous Dave's Hot Link Sausage
(Famous Dave's, Silverdale, WA) They were out of beef brisket so I opted for the sausage and I'm glad I did. I know it looks awful but it tasted delicious. I really have to say I enjoyed this meal immensely. The beans were delicious and the corn was just right. I drenched the sausage with Texas Pit sauce and it was perfect. This is the 1 year anniversary of our food pictures so it was cool that the meal was so good. -scott-
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 1947-12
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 1947-12
Famous Fantastic Mysteries Volume 9 No. 2, December 1947 Cover art by Virgil Finlay Contents: The Man Who Went Back - Warwick Deeping Atlantis' Exile - Cyril Hume The Horror of the Heights - Arthur Conan Doyle

famous chocolate refrigerator roll