Specialized bicycle computer. Wool bike pants

Specialized Bicycle Computer

specialized bicycle computer
    specialized bicycle
  • (Specialized Bicycles) Specialized Bicycle Components, more commonly known simply as Specialized, is a major American manufacturer of bicycles based in Morgan Hill, California. It was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard.
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Specialized Allez at Lincoln Heights/Cypress Park Metro Station
Specialized Allez at Lincoln Heights/Cypress Park Metro Station
After redoing the brakes, shifters, bar tape, and saddle last night, I rode the Allez today on the Pasadena Velo Retro Vintage Ride. I haven't taken this bike out in a few weeks, a bit frustrated by the shifters and brake levers, but these issues seem to have been resolved. I forgot how nice this bike climbs. Today I went up Sierra Madre without much trouble. Changes: * Dura Ace 7700 9-speed indexed shifters, shifts the 8-speed cassette perfectly. Action is super light and precise, a marked improvement over the Mavic 821s. * Selle San Marco Rolls saddle, perforated. Super comfortable, suits me far better than the narrower Concor. * Brakes angled up a bit and lever housing ends added, something you need on the Mavic 451 levers, which are the same as the Dia Compe BRS500 and SunTour Superbe Pro. Before the action was gummy, now it's light and snappy with tons of mechanical advantage. * Mavic computer re-added. I hate the mounts, but it's a nice computer I got for cheap. * Fizik Microtex bar tape added
Road Bikes at Any Level at PV Bicycle Center
Road Bikes at Any Level at PV Bicycle Center
Whether you are interested in a starter bike or a fully loaded professional cycle, PV Bicycle Center is stocked up and ready for you. We will provide you with the best fitting available in Southern California, using state of the art equipment. Then we will adjust your new bicycle to maximize your performance, and minimize risk of injury. Or we will help you order a custom fitted bicycle based on the computer generated information available through our fitting studio.

specialized bicycle computer
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