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 The 23rd OVI Monument at Antietam Battlefield

                                                                        Commander of the 23rd and later elected as the 19th President of the United States.

23rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry Monument at Antietam Battlefield - Monument Inscription Text:

23rd Infantry
Commanded by
Major James M. Comly
Hugh Ewing's (1st) Brigade
Kanawha Division
Ninth Army Corps
Army of the Potomac

This regiment with its brigade crossed the ford of Antietam Creek in the afternoon of September 17th, 1862, and held this position until the close of the battle. It's loss was 8 men killed; 1 officer and 58 men wounded; 2 men missing total, 69.

Monument to McKinley

Monument Text:

January 29, 1843 - September 14, 1901
                                                                                Fourteen years member of Congress
                                                                               Twice Governor of Ohio 1892-3 and 1894-5
                                                                                Twice President of United States 1897 - 1900 - 1901

                                                                                Sergeant McKinley Co. E. 23rd Ohio Vol. Infantry, while in  

                                                                               charge of the Commissary Department, on the afternoon

                                                                               of the day of the Battle of Antietam, September 17, 1862,

                                                                               and personally and without orders served "hot coffee" and

                                                                               "warm food" to every man in the Regiment, on this spot

                                                                                and in doing so had to pass under fire.



Marching band of the 23rd OVI

The Names of the band members in the photo are as follows:

Name                                        When/Where Enlisted

William Arthur                            1 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

Alfred Arthur                              1 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

Thaddeus Coffin                         1 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

Joseph J. Crotty                          7 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

George K. Smith                         7 Jun 1861/Camp Chase, OH

George Foote                             8 Jul 1861/Jefferson, OH

Louis H. Pillet                          11 Jun 1861/Jefferson, OH

Herbert B. Kilburn                   26 Jun 1861/Columbus, OH

Alexander Wright                    26 Jun 1861/Columbus, OH

Philip C. McGrath                    18 May 1861/Cleveland, OH

Milton H. Campbell                   7 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

William A. Critchfield                7 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

John B. Fulkerson                     7 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

Charles Dean                          28 Jun 1861/Camp Chase, OH

James D. Templeton                 7 Jun 1861/Ashland, OH

These men were detailed as musicians in the Regimental Band 24 June, 1861.