Welcome to the Dog Pound!
As you step off the turbo lift you hear the distinct sound of phaser fire. Running down the short corridor, you pull your phaser pistol. Hugging the wall as you approach the door from where the sound is coming from. You take a moment to ready yourself to enter the fight. Just as you reach for the door controls with your free hand, you feel someone grab your shoulder. Instinctively you go to aim and fire at your assailant, but the blast is wide, a hand on your wrist. Your eyes follow the arm quickly to see the grinning face of a Marine. Letting go of your wrist he cheerfully says: "Welcome to the Dog Pound!"

You have made it to the Dog Pound aboard the USS Oklahoma, home of the Stray Dogs. Relax and stay a while, after all, all stray dogs eventually make it to the dog pound.