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Thule Roof Bike Rack

thule roof bike rack
    bike rack
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thule roof bike rack - Thule 599XTR
Thule 599XTR Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier
Thule 599XTR Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier
The upright bike carrier that set the standard for bike carrying flexibility and ease of use

The Thule Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier mounted on a car rack
Superior rooftop stability for transporting your bike that's affordable on most any budget.
View larger. The jaw like configuration of the Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier
Powerful self-adjusting center jaw support.
View larger. The center support of the Thule Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier laid flat
Easy slider handle and slider support locking.
View larger.
Rock Solid, Easy-to-Use Design
The Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier is designed for ease of use and dependable stability on a budget. The Big Mouth fits all Thule rack systems, as well as other round bars, is compatible with the Thule Aero profile with an additional adapter (sold separately) and most bikes with disc brakes. The key factors in the stability that the Big Mouth provides is the combination of its sturdy wheel tray which holds your bike wheels, the two cinchable wheel straps that quickly secure the wheels to the tray and most importantly the center support's jaw like grip on your bike's central frame.
Stabilizing of the center support and adjusting of the Big Mouth's jaws are controlled by a simple combination of moving the release handle to the closed position and pulling down the slider. As pressure is applied to the frame tube the jaws adjust automatically to just the right amount of pressure for optimal holding power. Both the release handle and slider are located on a single leg of the center support of the Big Mouth making one-handed locking functionality possible, while the other hand balances the bike on the wheel tray.
Key Features
Self-adjusting jaws automatically wrap around the downtube for precise frame hold
Combination handle and slider mechanism to grip frame and stabilize center support
Fits bike frames up to 3? inches in diameter and tires up to 2.6 inches wide
1 One-Key lock cylinder (sold separately) locks the bike to carrier and carrier to rack
Fits Thule rack systems or other round bars
Factory rack compatible with Thule Ride-On Adapter (sold separately)
Along with standard passenger side orientation the carrier can be configured for drivers side use
Wheel tray is compatible with mountain bikes and road bikes (via included adapter)
Load Capacity (bikes) - 1
Fits Tire Dimensions (in) - 2.6 inches
Fits Thule Aero Profile - Yes (adapter required)
Fits Square Bar - Yes
Fits Most Bikes with Disc Brakes - Yes
One Key System Compatible (locks sold separately) - Yes
For Tandem Bikes - No
What's in the Box
Thule Big Mouth Upright Rooftop Bicycle Carrier, all the necessary mounting hardware, and instruction guide/warranty card.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Thule will warranty all Thule brand car rack systems and its accessories manufactured by Thule during the time that an original retail purchaser owns the product. This warranty terminates if a purchaser transfers the product to any other person. No warranty is given for defects caused by normal wear and tear, cosmetic rust, scratches, accidents, unlawful vehicle operation, or modification of, or any types of repair of a load carrier system other than those authorized by Thule.
About Thule
Thule was founded in 1942 by the Thulin family, when Eric Thulin, a true lover of the outdoors, put the Thule name on a pike trap he designed and began to sell in Scandinavia. It wasn't long before he added other practical items to the company's portfolio. By the 1960s, the company began to concentrate on car-related products, including its first roof rack. The Thulin family sold Thule to the publicly listed company Eldon in 1979, and it has continued to grow both organically and through acquisitions ever since. The Thule Group is a world leader in providing transport solutions for an active life.

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PT Cruiser w/ Bike Racks 04
PT Cruiser w/ Bike Racks 04
Just put 3 bike carriers on the roof of my car. Went with Yakima base rack (Q Towers) over the Thule 480 Traverse because the Yakima offered a wider bar spread for my specific fit kit by 10.5 inches. 48 inch bars. Have 3 carriers on top. Passenger side is a Thule Criterium (for touring bike with full fenders and a front lowrider rack) and the center and drivers side are Thule Pelotons. Haven't used them yet. Will post more images with mounted bikes.
bike rack for the Fit
bike rack for the Fit
Not a fan of roof-mounted racks. I decided to go with this Thule 912 2-bike carrier, mounted to a "Hidden Hitch" Class I hitch receiver. Super easy to take on/off, and swings away from the hatch for easy access. Posting this mainly for all the other Fit owners out there who are weighing options for this sort of thing, or wondering what will/won't work on these little cars.

thule roof bike rack
thule roof bike rack
Thule 532 Ride-On Universal Bike Rack Adapter for Factory Roof Racks
Versatile adapter that enables almost any bike carrier to be installed to a vehicle's factory rack

Just like the name implies, the Thule 532 Ride-On Universal Bike Rack Adapter for Factory Roof Racks provides you with a versatile design that enables almost any bike carrier to be installed to your vehicle's factory rack. This unit is required for vehicles with factory crossbars to carry the bike carrier below.
The 532 Ride-on comes with universal mounting hardware that enables most bike carriers to be installed directly to your vehicle's factory rack, with strong and level load bars that provide an ideal platform for bike carrier mounting. The 532 Ride-On's two, polyethylene-coated, galvanized load bars are 32 inches in length, while the mounting hardware features tamper-resistant features. This system has the capacity to handle two bicycles at once, but user's should note that there is not a locking option designed for use with system.
What's in the Box?
2 x load bars, 1 x hardware bag1 which includes: 4 x top-mounting clamps and 4 x bottom-mounting clamps, 1 x hardware bag2 which includes: 4 x carriage bolts, 4 x rectangular washers, 4 x hex nuts, 8 x M6 tamper-proof screws, and 1 x tamper-proof wrench, 1 x hardware bag3 which includes: 4 x clamp-ons, 1 x rubber pad, and 4 x end caps, and instruction guide
Manufacturer's Warranty
Limited lifetime warranty