Spd Biking Shoes

spd biking shoes
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spd biking shoes - Six Six
Six Six One Flight Shoe - Men's Black/Grey/Lime, 44.0
Six Six One Flight Shoe - Men's Black/Grey/Lime, 44.0
Next April, when you put your ski boots in the closet and pull out your riding gear, it would be sweet if it all still fit. That's how Six Six One feels, anyway. Six Six One Flight Mountain Bike Shoes were designed to resist stretching, so you'll have the same fit in two seasons that you had the day that you got them.

Product Features
Material: [Upper] microfiber, mesh
Soleplate: Plastic
Tread: Aggressive lugs, toe-spike ready
Lacing: Hook-and-loop, micro buckle
Cleat Compatibility: SPD
Recommended Use: MTB
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

75% (12)
Keen Shoes
Keen Shoes
These new SPD-compatible Keen shoes (and sandals) will be available in spring, 2009.
OK, maybe it's time to replace them
OK, maybe it's time to replace them
What...bike shoes shouldn't last 10 years?

spd biking shoes
spd biking shoes
Shimano PD-A520 Sport SPD Pedal
If you want the power associated with a road pedal but enjoy the convenience of walking in a shoe with a recessed cleat, the Shimano PS-A520 is for you. The wide platform gives your foot more support than the average mountain pedal but retains the SPD systems legendary ease of entry and exit. Includes one pair of two-bolt SPD cleats.

Shimano's recessed cleat and clipless pedal technology, called SPD, revolutionized the cycling shoe/pedal interface. Since then, decades of legendary "in the dirt" dependability, reliability, and sheer endurance have made SPD the world's go-to pedal technology. The Shimano PD-A520 Sport SPD pedal continues the SPD tradition, combining the power associated with a road pedal with the walking comfort of a recessed cleat shoe. The PD-A520 Sport offers such features as a low-maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit, an adjustable cleat tension that conforms to rider preference, and a pair of comfortable two-bolt SPD cleats.
About Shimano
In 1961, a three-speed bicycle hub was displayed at the New York Toy Show. The hub--an affordable and reliable version of the multi-speed hubs growing in popularity at the time--caught the attention of the industry. So much so that by 1965, Yoshizo Shimano--the youngest son of the company founder in Japan--opened an office in New York. Shimano's goal was to get quicker product feedback and to provide technical and warranty assistance to retailers selling bikes equipped with Shimano parts. Though Shimano American has grown from that first modest office staffed by only three people to a full distribution center with sales and marketing offices, its goals are the same: listen to customers and meet their needs for both bicycle and fishing products.