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diamond back bike parts
    diamond back
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diamond back bike parts - Diamondback L-Train
Diamondback L-Train Freestyle BMX 20 Inch x 1.95 Inch Wire Blackwall
Diamondback L-Train Freestyle BMX 20 Inch x 1.95 Inch Wire Blackwall
A perfect tire for track, trail, street, dirt, and vert riding, the Diamondback L-Train 20-Inch freestyle BMX tire is tough yet versatile. The L Train offers such features as an oversized sure grip tread pattern, a wire bead blackwall wire, 65 PSI max pressure, and a tough profile. The tire measures 1.95-inch wide.

A perfect tire for track, trail, street, dirt, and vert riding, the Diamondback L-Train 20-inch freestyle BMX tire is tough yet versatile. The L-Train offers such features as an oversized sure-grip tread pattern, a wire-bead blackwall wire, 65 PSI max pressure, and a tough profile. The tire measures 1.95 inches wide.

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Macaroni and Diamonds
Macaroni and Diamonds
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Diamond In The Rough Triathlon Photos and story by Bill Hughes Cecil Guardian Select streets in Perryville/Port Deposit were heavily traveled last Saturday morning with athletes competing in the Diamond In The Rough Triathlon. Starting with a cool mile swim in the water off of Perryville Park, the over 300 participants sprinted for their bikes as they hit the pavement for a 27 mile ride towards Dr. Jack Road and through Port Deposit and back to Perryville Park. If that wasn't enough in the 90 plus degree heat, they had to run five miles through Perry Point and on streets along the Susquehanna River and back to finish in the park. After the finish line, the athletes were greeted to a refreshing spray of water. First place men's winner, 26 year old Ryan Hardy from Bethesda, Maryland (Montgomery County) came in with a cool 2:06:17 and 31 year old Suzy Serpico from Columbia, Maryland (Howard County) placed first for the women at 2:14:19. Cecil County was represented with less than a dozen competitors and our own Elizabeth Roark, 33, from Conowingo, came in 51st overall and second to Suzy in her class of 31-34 year olds. It was Elizabeth's third time at this event. "They were able to have the swim" (cancelled last year because rain), said Elizabeth as she retrieved her Equinox time trial bike before the awards ceremony. Her drink of choice for the race was Gatorade. "It's not my strength." she said of the swim. "The water temp was good. I was very happy they had it." Elizabeth travels great distances to perform in triathlons when she is not teaching in a nursing program for Harford Community College, so this one put on by Piranha Sports was special. "It's nice because it's close to home. A few of my friends were here. It makes it worthwhile being able to see familiar faces." The course for the swim/bike/run is filled with many scenic views and historical landmarks, but Elizabeth is all business during triathlons and not as a tourist. "I'm pretty hyper-focused because I'm very conscientious of where I am and who I'm passing. My friend will look at birds." Traffic on the roads was busy and enough of a distraction at intersections throughout the bike route. With the help of volunteers from the Chesapeake Amateur (Ham) Radio Club and Baltimore Amateur (Ham) Radio Club, they kept the roads safer. "They do a really good job with safety on this course," added an appreciative Elizabeth. Most of the athletes said an respectful "thank you" to those volunteers. And Henry Katz from Pikesville, Maryland, (Baltimore County) who was directing traffic at the intersection of Dr. Jack and Liberty Grove Road, was grateful. "This makes it all worth it," the volunteer with the Baltimore club said of the acknowledgement. As with many athletes who train for an event and stay on a strict diet beforehand, they look forward to getting a special treat when the race is over. "I'm looking forward to ice cream after dinner," said a smiling Elizabeth who stays on track with lean meats, fruits, vegetables "basically all the time. It doesn't matter what kind (ice cream) it is. I like it all." Just enduring a triathlon is a feat in itself and Tom Wilson from Rising Sun had the energy to make it through the rigors of the course for 228th place. "Running is not my favorite," Tom said seconds after crossing the finish. "I like to swim and bike and the running is part of the deal. It keeps you in shape. I've been doing this (triathlons) for years." Although the event was not of parade status with thousands of spectators, Daryl Fyle of Portside Inc. Bait and Tackle in Port Deposit, took time to watch some of the athletes ride past her shop while a fine feathered friend was perched high above Portside Inc. "They're having a good time today," said Daryl as participants rode along South Main Street before trudging up a steep Bainbridge Road (Route 222). "It's a nice day. It's a beautiful day for a race. I'm cheering them on. There's even an eagle watching. It's cheering them on to." The Diamond In The Rough Triathlon was the creation of Piranha Sports which directed a well planned event. "It's a challenging bike course with uphill climbs and downhill descents," said Neil Semmel, race director for Piranha Sports. "We had some really good support from the Perryville Volunteer Fire Department, local police, the fire police and Chesapeake Ham Radio Club." Other Cecil County finishers included Dave Judd, 48, from Elkton who placed 26th, Jake Chapman, 23, of Elkton at 132nd place, Cindy Johnson, 52, of Elkton in 162nd place, Kelsey Perry, 23, of North East in 186th place, Mark McHenry, 57 of Rising Sun in 209th place, Michael Fortner, 43, of Perryville in 219th place and Jacki Youngerman, 38, of Elkton was 273rd.

diamond back bike parts
diamond back bike parts
Diamondback BMX Trail Handlebars, Black, 27-1/4 Inch wide
Diamondback BMX trail handlebars. Made from 4130 butted chromoly steel and heat-treated soon after bending and welding, these Diamondback BMX trail handlebars are tough and prolonged-lasting. The handlebars time-tested two-piece design and style measures 27-1/4 inches wide and 8-1/2-Inch tall, with an general weight of 1-Pound 12-Ounces.

Made from 4130 butted chromoly steel and heat-treated after bending and welding, these Diamondback BMX trail handlebars are tough and long-lasting. The handlebars' time-tested two-piece design measures 27-1/4 inches wide and 8-1/2 inches tall, with an overall weight of 1 pound 12 ounces.