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Operation Back Door by Charles E. Gannon

I would like to take this space to extend a very special "Thank you" to Charles E Gannon.

He has allowed me to host his articles and he has provided the uncut versions of these articles. So, for once they see the light of day without the unkind cuts of an editor's knife.

Thomas Vickers

July 29, 1998

James L. Has provided a great series of adventures that I am excited to offer here.

Tall Mesa

Tiltrotor Down Maps for Tiltrotor Down

Cry for India

Back to BCV

Back to Bolivia

To the Gates of Hell

The Cola Debacle (new from James 12/03/06)

The Rescue Key to QE (for The Rescue) GM Key to QE (for The Rescue) (new on 10/05/07)

Adventure Ideas - A great download by James that gives many adventure nuggets for GM's (new 10/21/07)

If you go in the woods tonight, you had better not go alone by Adam Geibel

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