2300 AD Collective Table of Contents

Site News
What is new and what has been updated. Visit the News page.

Mailing Lists
Instructions on how to join the various 2300 AD related mailing lists

P atrons
Corporations and NPC's for any 2300 AD campaign

Ben's RPG (mosstly 2300) Old Fashioned Homemade Sourcebook Pages
With the soon to come demise of Geocities, Ben has allowed his old pages to live on here.
Really good stuff here

I have to extend a hearty thanks to Dan S.. He has given permission for his maps to be hosted here due to their recent absence from the web. We owe him a great deal of thanks. You will also find the on-going mapping of the Chinese Arm project.

Source Books
This section covers material of General interest to 2300 AD fans. The newest section covers a possible future for Hochbaden after its destruction at the hands of the kafer. This includes information on Texas in 2300, Challenge Magazine articles, Colonial Source books, and other sources of general information for the 2300 AD player and GM. Now contains Religion in 2300 AD!! and Jim's Alternate Combat system for 2300 AD. Three new additions to the Source Book section. Neubayern, Heidelsheimat, and The Sung by Randy McDonald. These are all "must reads".

This section contains the highly sought after "Operation: Backdoor" by Charles Gannon, plus three other adventures. One is an old Twilight 2000 adventure rewritten for use in 2300. The other two are partial adventures set on various colony worlds of 2300. We also have six new adventures from Jim.

Space Dock
Visit the space dock to view innovative designs in starships for the 2300 Universe. Everything from Colony ships, to small cargo carriers is present here

2300 AD News Sources
Originally kept as a separate website, 2300 AD News was designed to be used as background and plot hooks for referees.  Many were submitted by various members of the different mailing lists. After ten years I have decided to bring them all here as easy to access pdf files.

Other Systems
Looking for another system to use with the 2300 Universe? Well, here it is. This section covers Gurps, Hero, and the Fuzion game system for 2300. This is a must see..

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