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Tyre Sales Australia

tyre sales australia
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Tread on the tyres of our 75 Series Toyota Landcruiser for sale
Tread on the tyres of our 75 Series Toyota Landcruiser for sale
Tread on the Goodyear Wrangler tyres, new in 2009, of our 75 series Toyota Landcruiser 4WD Troopcarrier. Great vehicle, we travelled around the whole of Australia in it sleeping in the pop-top conversion (which goes up - and down - in literally seconds), loads of room in our self-built cupboards and engel fridge for all our clothes, food and equipment. We used the winch plenty of times to pull people out of trouble, the bullbar protected us from the occasional road-hopping kangaroo, and we ran the fridge, our camera chargers and laptops off the solar panels we attached permanently to the roof. We sold it late in 2010 - hope the next owner has as much fun as we did!
Tyres on Sunday
Tyres on Sunday
Tyres stacked and ready for action at the side of Albert Park Lake in Melbourne, Australia. The lake and its environs is playing host to the F1 Grand Prix this weekend, as it will do until 2010, with construction of the course quickly dominating the landscape over the previous weeks. There is justifiable concern over the benefits of hosting such an event, with high cost to the taxpayer and ticket sales shrouded in controversy after it was alleged that "sold" tickets included freebies to celebrities, TV crews and anyone working for the event.

tyre sales australia
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