Home Chest Freezers

home chest freezers
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I Got A New Stick Deodorant Today... 9-21-11
I Got A New Stick Deodorant Today... 9-21-11
The instructions said: Remove cap and push up bottom. I can barely walk, but whenever I fart the room smells lovely! I wish I had the time to be on Flickr!!! I so miss being here!!! I miss hearing from everyone and what is going on with your lives. Ours is just nuts!! Lani picked a perfect name for me...Cashew!!! John has been home a week today. He has to go for infusions of 2 antibiotics every day, 7 days a week, until October 20th!! That means a 50 mile round trip to and from the clinic, plus a 2 1/2 hour wait while the infusion is being done, but one of those days each week he has to have blood work done to make sure the antibiotics aren't doing damage to the kidneys. That is an extra hour that day because they take blood before the infusion and then an hour after. During this week, he has had to go to 2 of his doctors, try to get home health straightened out (boy did we get a doozy with this one!!! Lord are we dropping them like a bomb!!!) she has called doctors we don't have, calls and says she will be here at 4:00 PM and shows up at 7:30 PM, calls when I told her we were having company and NOT to come, wanting to know if I was giving John his meds correctly...after giving them to him for 5 days all ready!! Oh yeah, it's been a riot!!! Then he had more blood taken, will be going to wound care, but they only do that in the mornings and that is when he has his infusions...I've been doing the wound care all along since and before and I was told what an excellent job I was doing, so looks like Nurse Kathy will continue. The Home Health Nurse was suppopsed to do some blood work for John's sugar testing and she couldn't do it without an order that she has had all a long, so we had to go to another doctor to get that straightened out. We will continue there, but his Coumadin Levels were way out of whack (blood thinner levels for those that don't know what Coumadin is) and now is on a much higher dose. Then there are the pills!! You don't even want to start me on them!!! Right now John is on 20 pills (different ones) a day, some twice a day, plus 2 different ones if needed and his 2 antibiotics he gets through the infusion!!! "I" have to keep them straight, put them in his little pill holder for a week and pray they don't change the dose during the week so I don't have to try and hunt one of those babies out of their little containers!!! LOL Paying for them...lets just say...the pills will be "his" meals!!! "I" will lose a lot of weight!!!!! Thankfully while our daughter was here for a visit last weekend, she bought us a small chest freezer and filled it with food!! Bless Her Heart!!! She loves her Daddy!!!! It's all Heart Healthy Food...GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! That means I have to eat it tooooooooooo!!!!! LOL LOL LOL She loves me too, she bought me my chocolate to save me from a breakdown!!! Love her infinity!!! Once again I forgot, "almost forgot" to Thank Our Son-in-Law also, since he is a-fixed to our daughter!!! I just keep thinking you must know him if you know our daughter and most of you don't know our daughter either! Bawahahahahahahahaha, the breakdown is close...need some chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be back again when ever I possibly can be...thinner and maybe bald from pulling the hair out!!!!! Love and Miss You All!!!! Cashew
You scream, I scream, we all scream...
You scream, I scream, we all scream...
I remember being in kindergarten and every night about an hour before bed time my grandfather would take me by the hand out to his garage to the big white freezer. He would open the heavy creaking door oh so slowly as I stood in utter excitement. Within that white chest was something that was as good as gold to a 5 year old child. In that chest were barrels and barrels of ice cream. Grandpa retired from the steel mill at a rather early age. Not being one to sit around idle he went to work for the ice cream shop that was owned by a family friend. He spent day after day churning that dairy cream, sugar, and natural flavors into some of the best ice cream this side of the Mississippi. Each time a new flavor was made there was about a half gallon left in the machine once the 5 gallon tubs were filled to the max. Grandpa being in the position he was in decided that it should not go to waste and started putting those bits of flavor into a container, mixing batch after batch after batch until there was a tub with enough flavors to make anyone happy. Each week that tub was brought home and placed into that treasure chest in the shed. Sometimes there was writing on the tubs giving an indication as to what you were about to enjoy, but most of the time it was left blank, a mystery of sorts like the dum dum's with the question marks on them. You just opened it up and took a scoop of what could be strawberry and pecan, or double chocolate and pistachio. As I would stand there anticipating the ice cream for what felt like a million years of slowly opening and creaking I could catch a glimpse of some of the writing. The "blueberry" and "mint cc" called to me. The "peppermint" begged me to pick it. I wished that I could just grab it and run to the back field to eat it using only my hands until my fingers got to cold. But I didn't. I stood there and waited, and stared at the treasure before me. Grandpa would never say much, He would just move the tubs around a bit making that scraping finger on the chalk board sound as he went about his reorganization. Then it was up to me to pick one.. I could have any one I wanted. All of those flavors were mine for the taking. Did I feel like strawberry? Or maybe peach pie? The butter nut, and chocolate chip? No I knew which one I wanted. I wanted the one to the right, in the very back. The one without the name. I liked the mystery, I loved the suspense. I debated in my head the whole way back to the house with that big tub in my little arms what my mystery flavor would be, excited as to what beautiful colors layed within, all the while hoping that somewhere in that tub was grandpa's favorite. The kind that grandpa first gave me on my very first trip to Steeses, the kind that to this day I order every chance I get... If you are every at your favorite ice cream stand, and sadly they are out of White House, chances are Grandpa's spirit made an ice cream stop in his journey's, or it could be I was just there two minutes before you.

home chest freezers