22over7 provides management consulting services specifically targeted to information technology organizations. Specific services include the following:

Complete leadership of an information technology organization to fill the Chief Information Officer role on an interim basis. This service helps organizations manage their I.T. organization through a transition period.

Lead the transformation and re-vitalization of a specific aspect of an I.T. organization. This service helps an organization shift its processes to more innovative, creative, and competitive methods.
Lead an I.T. organization through a full strategic planning exercise. This service leads an organization through the planning process and delivers a plan integrating I.T. strategy with the broader organization's strategy.

Work with an organization to create or enhance an I.T. governance model that actively engages all appropriate stakeholders in the future of information systems in the organization.

Review and assess an I.T. organization to identify and recommend areas for improvement. This service provides an external perspective on how an organization can improve itself.

Augment I.T. organizations with general management services. These services include market research, business case development, vendor assessment, and end-to-end solution selection.

Provide sustained coaching services for senior I.T. leaders to help improve their management and leadership acumen.

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