Richard White, Duke East Campus

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Thursday. NOVEMBER 20.  Video Art and Street Screenings

Richard White Auditorium. Duke University East Campus, Durham. 7pm.

Bocas de Ceniza. Juan M. Echavarria (Colombia).   6 min

Bocas de Ceniza is the name of the mouth of the Magdalena River in Colombia, in Echavarria’s work it is a metaphoric place where the bodies of the war victims thrown into its waters appear. Afro Colombians, survivors of massacres sing songs composed by themselves about their traumatic experiences.

Spanish with English subtitles.

Cuando Yo Soñaba un Mundo al Revés. Jorge Dalton (Cuba-El Salvador) 25min.

This experimental film is the resulto f collecting 35 and 16mm footage from friends and family in Cuba and El Salvador. The piece reverses the contemporary conceptions of a programmatic process and uses a random approach.

Winner of the 5th International “Poor” Film Festival. Havana Cuba.

more about it (in Spanish): HERE

(Photo: Rodrigo Medina, Toronto)

Street is A Mutha. Youth video workshops (Toronto, Canada). 28 min

Alucine film festival has organized workshops in collaboration with the center for Spanish Speaking People. These short videos, made by adolescents, show the life of Latino/a residents in the outskirts of Toronto. Coordinated and produced by Jorge Lozano and Guillermina Buzio in 2005.

Street is a Mutha 2. (Cali, Colombia). 20 min

The second part is composed by videos produced as part of the Alucine workshops in collaboration with the city of Cali, Colombia in, 2006.

Spanglish, English, and Spanish


Terminal. Andres Tapia-Urzua (Chile-USA, 2005). 15 min

Terminal is a compelling exposé into the identity of terrorism. Our host, an ever diligent and exuberant television journalist investigates the dark realities behind contesting definitions of terrorism. With the help of Eqbal Ahmad’s essay “Terrorism: Theirs and Ours,” the participants decode for the viewer the many roles a terrorist can play.


Water (5min) / Sea of Words (3min) / February (5.22min). Julieta María (Palestine – Colombia – Canada)

As a Palestine – Colombian and now living in Canada this artist finds herself in a conundrum. Coming from a watery and warm world (before) now the cold north defines her life and work, a journey to discover her new identity.

Spanish and English