MONDAY, November 16. 7pm. Griffith Film Theater. Bryan Center. Duke University. Durham, NC

WEDNESDAY, November 18. 7pm. The Carolina Theatre. Durham, NC

FRIDAY, November 20. 7pm. Frank Family Science Center. Guilford College. Greensboro, NC

SLEEP DEALER. Alex Rivera (Mexico-USA, 2008). 90 min.

Sleep Dealer is a science fiction set in a world, not too unlike our own, in which a global, high speed network ties distant people and places together. The story takes place among 3 characters who inhabit very different spaces in this world: a migrant, a soldier, and a writer.  Memo Cruz is a young peasant farmer in southern Mexico (he wants to leave his town and make a better life in the North); Rudy Gaeta is a soldier fighting in this future war (against terrorism, in Rudy's first assignment he attacks Memo's home in Mexico); Luz is a writer, she connects her body to the net, speaks and puts the recorded memories up for sale on the net – a blog, straight from the brain (she narrates the story of Memo).

In Tijuana, Memo finds work in a futuristic factory – he earns dollars by connecting his body to the net, and controlling a worker drone in America. At home in San Diego, Rudy the soldier spends his free time plugging in and watching recordings of other people's memories.  He finds Luz's story, buys it, and for the first time, through Luz's recorded memories, he sees Memo's face - the face of his victim.  Through Luz's stories, effectively through her eyes and ears, Rudy gets to know Memo. And as Luz and Memo fall in love, Rudy realizes what he's done. 

Sleep Dealer won the Alfred P. Sloan Prize in the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Geoffrey Gilmore, the festival director, describes the movie as "a combination of The Matrix, Blade Runner and The Border." A Latino Sci-Fi classic (already).

English and Spanish with subtitles


Introduced by Director Alex Rivera

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