Open Cuban Cinema

THURSDAY, November 12. 7 pm. Michaux School of Education Auditorium. North Carolina Central University (NCCU).  Durham, NC

"Brainstorm" (2008)


RAZA, Eric Corvalán Pellé (Cuba, 2008). 35 min.

An exploration about what Cubans think and what they believe about race relations in contemporary times. It is also a portrait of how they behave in everyday life.

INTERMEZZO, Eduardo del Llano (Cuba, 2007). 9 min.

In a men’s bathroom a discussion takes place. One member of a committee votes against a proposal, suddenly he becomes the hero of the democratic process. Also he finds himself in an awkward position with respect to the reality he lives in…

BRAINSTORM, Eduardo del Llano (Cuba, 2008). 13 min.

On the role of journalism in contemporary Cuba; a practice that supposedly has to be combative, investigative, neutral…. Nonetheless, it becomes a space for celebration and spectacle. What, then, is the real role of journalism?

SIN TITULO, Alfonso Equis (Cuba, 2008). 71 min.

How is a normal day in Cuba? Tell me your dreams? Three words to describe Cuba…

Spanish with English subtitles