La Maldita Vecindad

UNC. Nelson Mandela Auditorium. Global Education Center

 301 Pittsboro St, Chapel Hill, NC  (see the building)



Tuesday. NOVEMBER 11

Durham Tech Community College: ERC Auditorium, Main Campus. Durham. 7pm.

- The Virgin Comes to La Maldita Vecindad (‘the damned bad neighborhood). Elva E. Bishop, Altha Cravey, and Javier García (Durham) 2008. 30 min. <World Premiere>

The film brings together several distinct celebrations of the Virgen de Guadalupe in Durham NC. In a run-down apartment complex on Durham’s east side (the damned bad neighborhood, ‘la maldita vecinidad’), dancers of all ages honor the virgin with hours of ancient indigenous traditional matachine dancing. Afterward, many of these same dancers and their families go to a special Catholic mass for the virgin. In yet another separate activity, linked to the immigrant’s rights movement, relay runners carried a burning torch and the Virgen of Guadalupe through Durham en route from Mexico City to New York City in December of 2005, and again in 2007. These three celebrations of the virgin – and their interconnections and their impact on the community -- are highlighted in the documentary.

 *Special presentation by the directors and with the presence of members of the community who participated in the film project. 

Supported by an award from the NC Arts Council.