IKO - The King of Kaseko

THURSDAY, November 19. 7 pm. Holton Career & Resource Center. City of Durham. Durham, NC

Community Connects Series

IKO - THE KING OF KASEKO Vincent Soekra (Suriname, 2008). 90 min.

The music documentary IKO – the King of Kaseko explores the life of Lieve Hugo (Dutch for “Dear Hugo”), the most prominent popular musician of Suriname from the late 1950s to the mid 1970s who had a strong influence on the development of this typical Surinamese music. The film succeeds in putting Kaseko music, a Caribbean fusion between calypso and son, on the map. It also features a 2008 Kaseko Crossover concert performed in the Amsterdam Concerthall which consisted of interpretations by today’s Dutch and Surinamese pop icons of re-arranged Kaseko songs originally performed by Lieve Hugo. Thanks to his great influence on the development of Kaseko, the uncrowned king is the quintessential example of this typical Surinamese music.


Introduced by Director Vincent Soekra

Q&A to follow

Music presentation by Freek Hunsel (Surinamese percussionist)